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Save the Planet With Eco Metal Roofing

Eco Friendly Metal Roofing How metal roofs are environmentally-friendly It’s 2018 and the planet’s inhabitants need to make better efforts towards conserving what they have if they want it to be a livable environment. Humans have been attempting to conserve resources and reduce waste in a variety of ways. We’ve seen electrical vehicles pop up on the market, entire countries declare their “fuel-free” plans, and households make valiant attempts to recycle and compost. One method of going green that less well-known [...]


Ways to Save on Heat this Winter

Here are a few tips for saving energy throughout the winter Winter has officially arrived in Toronto, and you know what that means: frigid and dry weather. Heating is absolutely necessary for any Canadian household, and most in Toronto rely on gas and electricity to keep the home toasty through the winter months. Unfortunately, heating isn’t the cheapest expense, and the costs could add up. Top Construction specializes in metal roofs that are more environmentally friendly for several reasons, including [...]

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