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How Much is a New Metal Roof?

The cost of new roof installation is undoubtedly one of the burning questions for every homeowner. Has this question been on your mind lately as well? Well worry no more! In this article we’ll be breaking down metal roofing costs and factors that affect pricing. The cost of a new metal roof is often higher than other traditional roofing systems, such as asphalt shingles, but the investment is worth making for a number of reasons. For instance, metal roofs [...]


Oshawa Metal Roofing

The type of roof you choose for your home has the ability to transform it from a regular home to an elegant structure. The roof of your home determines its durability and the safety of your property and those residing in it. At Top Metal Roofs, we provide you with everything you require to know about metal roofs. Top Metal Roofs is a leading metal roofing company in Ontario. We service Toronto and the GTA and all cities within [...]


Markham Metal Roofing Services

The choice you make when it comes to your roofing is one of the more major decisions you can make as a homeowner as it has a significant impact on the quality and aesthetics of your home. Are you looking to start your nest roofing project? Confused on whether to opt for a metal roof or traditional roof? Top Metal Roofs can help! Top Metal Roofs is a leading metal roofing company servicing various parts of Ontario including Markham. We’re [...]

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