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The quality of your roof determines its performance and the overall appearance of your house. Poor quality roofing materials or sub-standard installation can threaten your safety and expose your home to damage. Metal roofing is an ideal fit for virtually any size of home and type of neighborhood. It is durable, with an assortment of designs that imitate common roofing materials. If you are repairing or installing a new metal roof, you will need the services of an experienced Brampton roofing contractor.

Top Metal Roofs is a roofing company providing metal/steel roofing services in Toronto and the GTA including Brampton. We offer metal/steel roofing services for residential as well as commercial buildings. Contact us for your metal and steel roofing installations, repairs or for pricing quotes at 647-470-7161.

General Information

Your roof is a vital component of your home that protects you and your family. It insulates your home and drains away snow and rain to keep water from seeping into the house. You can also use it to generate solar power. A good metal roof is a major investment and will last for years with minimal maintenance. Whether it is a minor repair or a complete roof replacement, Top Metal Roofs contractors are knowledgeable and skilled to handle your project.

With Top Metal Roofs, you are assured of quality service from our competent, certified, professional, roofing experts. Our team is skilled, friendly, cooperative and insured. As our customer, you are an essential part of our business. We will treat you with the utmost respect and deliver our promise for your peace of mind.

brampton metal roofingChoosing an experienced Brampton roofing contractor is crucial to having your job completed to your satisfaction. With nearly a decade in metal roofing, we specialize in roof repairs and replacement for residential homes within Brampton, Ontario. We are also competent in handling roofing jobs on large commercial establishments, flat roofs on business units, and rooftops of office buildings or condominiums.

One of the major causes of premature roof replacement is a substandard root system. In addition, the occasionally extreme Canadian climate often wreaks havoc on roofs. Roof repair is more than just replacing shingles. When choosing a roofing company, you need a competent team that will adapt your roof to withstand extreme winters.

At Top Metal Roofs, we have the requisite experience and technical expertise to achieve your roofing goals. We not only inspect your roof visually, but we also inspect the whole building and ensure that it is safe. Our team is qualified and experienced in handling all types of metal roofing. We can trace and rectify faults to solve your roofing problems promptly and efficiently.

Need more reasons why Top Metal Roofs is the best choice of Brampton roofing contractor? Here you go!

  1. We are professionals: Our core business is roofing, and we have the expertise and years of experience to back it up.
  2. We are a local company: We serve the entire Brampton, Ontario area and the neighboring Peel Region.
  3. We give a warranty: Our materials and work are guaranteed. You can feel confident when choosing to spend your hard earned cash on us as your Brampton roofing contractor.
  4. Our products are trustworthy: We use only the best products on all our roofing projects. We ensure that we always use optimal quality products for your roofing in Brampton.

When you choose Top Metal Roofs to handle your roofing job, rest assured that you are in good hands!

How to Calculate Roofing Costs

Roofing materials account for the largest percentage of your roofing budget. However, there are other factors that you should consider when estimating your roofing costs. These include:

  • Number of stories
  • Roof complexity
  • Number of chimneys
  • Taxes and permits
  • Geographic location
  • Roofing contractor

You can use an online calculator to estimate your roofing costs. However, these calculators do not take into account:

  • A damaged structure or roof which may need replacement
  • The effect of geographic location on price
  • Roof systems which may need replacement
  • Quality of roofing material from different brands
  • Taxes required for removal and installation of new roofing

Popular Myths Regarding Metal Roofing

There are several misconceptions about metal roofing that are often confused for facts. We will separate the truth from fiction.

Myth #1: Metal is heavy

Truth: Metal is 75% lighter than fiber cement shakes, slate and concrete tiles. It is also 50% lighter than asphalt.

Myth #2: Metal roofs heat up easily

Truth: Metal roofing materials are coated with colors that reflect the sun’s rays and keep your home cool and comfortable.

Myth #3: Metal roofs are not quiet roofs:

Truth: Your metal roof will include sound-deadening underlayment that will keep your house quieter than a house roofed with other materials.

Myth #4: Metal roofs dent underfoot

Truth: If the metal on your roof is reinforced properly, you can walk on it without causing dents. However, metal roofing gets slippery under moist conditions, therefore, it is safer for you to keep off a moist, metal roof.

Myth #5: Metal roofs are prone to lightning attacks

Truth: Your metal roofing will not attract lightning more than other roofing materials. It is as safe from lightning strikes as any other types of roofing.

Myth #6: Metal rusts easily

Truth: Metal roofing will only rust if you expose it to the elements without a protective coating. Your roofing estimates will often include a galvanized coating or other protection.

Your Brampton Roofing Warranty

We guarantee an accurate estimate. If extra material is necessary after new measurements due to an inaccurate estimation, we will bear the cost. We define quality as the protection and safety offered by your roof as well as its aesthetic appeal. We are responsible, and recognize that our success in sale and installation of complete metal roof systems results from quality work and happy clients.

brampton metal roofsWant more information about Brampton metal roofing? Contact us for a budget estimate and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Pros of Metal Roofing

  • Durability: Metal roofs do not crack or corrode. They are impact-resistant and some metals can withstand winds of nearly 140 miles per hour. Additionally, your metal roof will not require periodic maintenance.
  • Longevity: Depending on the type of metal you use, your roof can last for 40 – 70 years. Copper can last for 100 years. In comparison, traditional roofing materials last an estimated maximum of 20 years.
  • Fire resistance and safety: Your metal roofing is safe from sparking and will not ignite due to a lightning strike or a wildfire. Metal does not burn, therefore, a metal roof is appropriate for houses with chimneys or stovepipes.
  • Energy efficiency: Since metal roofing reflects solar heat, your cooling costs will reduce by between 10 – 25%
  • Eco-friendly: Depending on your choice of metal, your roof will have 25-95% recycled material and will be 100% recyclable. Once it is removed, it can be liquefied and reused elsewhere.
  • Weight: Most metal varieties range from 50 – 150 pounds compared to 750 pounds for tile and 900 pounds for concrete tile per square. This light weight allows you to reduce the roof support members, and save on engineering and cost of building the supporting structure. You can also install metal without removing the older roof or enhancing the structural support.
  • Beauty: Metal roofs are available in a variety of lasting themes and colors that match your taste and style. Other roofing materials start deteriorating immediately after installation. However, your metal roof will maintain a fresh, beautiful, new look for long and add a lasting distinction to your home.
  • Elegance: Your metal roofing does not have to be boring. Metal roofs are available in a variety of colors and finishes that match your architectural style. You have almost the entire rainbow for your choice of color. You can also use metal roofing that resembles natural wood shakes, fiberglass shingles, tile or slate.
  • Moss and fungus resistant: Moss, fungus, and mildew have no effect on metal roofing. This makes metal an ideal choice for roofs in areas susceptible to the growth of moss.
  • Variety of metal types: Metal roofing offers you many options to choose from. You can, therefore, install a customized roof based on your preferred price, design and longevity.
  • Snow and rain shedding: Metal roofs are designed to shed rain, ice, and snow continuously. Metal roofing panels are hard and often sleek which allows rain, ice and snow to slide off easily. This also prevents leakages that can be caused by ice dams on your roof.
  • Installation in all weather conditions: If your old roof is damaged and cannot last the remaining days of winter, metal roofing is your best bet. It is the easiest type of roofing to install during winter. It maintains its shape and does not become brittle under extremely low temperatures.

If you plan on living in your new house for many more years ahead or you need a new roof, metal roofing is your best option. At Top Metal Roofs, we are competent, professional metal roofing contractors. We will guide you in choosing the best material to suit your Brampton roofing preferences. Contact us and we will translate your imaginative roofing ideas into a distinctive reality.

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