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The overall structure of your roof determines your home’s ability to protect you. If your roof is damaged or old, the entire structure of your house may be compromised. Your roof protects you from allergens, cold weather, and UV rays. With the weather patterns in Toronto switching unpredictably between bleak winters and hot summers, you will need an exceptional metal roof to protect your entire household.

Only a competent roofing company can install such a roof. There are numerous Milton roofing companies available, but we guarantee that Top Metal Roofs is the best choice.

milton roofing companies

About us

Top Metal Roofs is a company that provides superior metal/steel roofing solutions for both commercial and residential buildings. We have a reputation for consistently providing excellent and reliable metal roofing services in Ontario. Though our location is in Toronto, we provide our services to clients in Milton and other locations within 80 kilometers around Toronto.

We have clients in Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Hamilton, Oakville, and Burlington. We also have other clients in Etobicoke, North York, Newmarket, Ajax, Scarborough, and Pickering. If you are searching for a reliable contractor to install or repair your roof in or around Milton, contact us at 647-470-7161.

Why we choose metal roofs

Asphalt shingles have been the traditional roofing material of choice. The shingles are readily available and cheap but the protection they offer is not the best. Asphalt shingle roofs are prone to breakage, and general wear and tear due to exposure to extreme weather and climatic conditions.

At Top Metal Roofs, we are cognizant of the problems associated with asphalt roofs, and we offer metal roofs as a superior alternative. Metal roofing has more aesthetic appeal compared to broken and uneven shingles which ruin the aesthetics of your home before you repair them.

Additionally, metal roofs guarantee you lasting protection since they last for 50 or more years. You, therefore, do not need to repair, maintain, or replace your metal roof for a long time after your initial installation.

Why Top Metal Roofs is Best Among Milton Roofing Companies

Your roof is a long-term investment. When choosing a roofing company, you need to pick one that is continuously committed to installing flawless roofs. In your search for Milton roofing companies, you will find many available options. However, not all roofing contractors are trustworthy.

At Top Metal Roofs, we guarantee that we will install your roof diligently and safely because:

  • We have WSIB coverage for all our installers
  • Our liability insurance is worth $5 million
  • Our self-ventilated roofs are the most efficient within North America
  • We use a roll-forming process to press our raw materials into modular panels. We do not use the sampling process.
  • We use seven protective layers and baked polymer coating on our steel sheets. We never use Acrylic painting or PVC.
  • Our roofing sheets contain the highest amount of non-recycled steel
  • The 4-inch overlap on our sheets is the largest in entire North America

Advantages of metal roofing

Metal roofs offer a wide variety of benefits that you may not get from other roofing materials.

  1. Durability

With proper installation, metal roofs are incredibly durable. They do not rot, warp, crack, chip, or split. They are also able to withstand impact from falling objects. Metal roofs come with a roofing contractor’s warranty and an additional 30 to 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. Also, copper and zinc can last beyond a century, while steel and aluminum can last longer than 50 years. This durability may lower your total insurance costs by about 30%.

  1. Resistance to the elements

Metal roofing is the best in protecting your house from ice and snow build-up, which can cause leakages. This feature increases the energy efficiency of your roof and lowers energy costs by about 15% in heating and 40% in cooling expenses. Metal is also ideal for roofing in areas susceptible to earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding. Additionally, copper and steel are fire-resistant, which makes them suitable for areas prone to wildfires.

  1. Lower installation costs

You can install a metal roof over an existing roofing material. This overlaying eliminates the costs of tearing off your old roof. Metal is light and does not exert excess pressure on your rafters and trusses after installation. It also requires minimal or no maintenance after the initial setup.

  1. Environmental sustainability

Metal is the only real green roofing solution. It does not have any petroleum by-products, contains 30 to 60% recycled content, and is 100% recyclable after its lifetime. You may also get tax credits for using this eco-friendly material.

  1. Return on investment

Metal is a durable, energy efficient, low maintenance material that increases your property’s resale value. It offers you the highest return on investment in the form of property appreciation and recouped costs.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

Metal roofing materials are available in a wide range of standard, premium, and customized colors. You can also choose from numerous style options, including interlocking shingles, corrugated and ribbed panels, vertical panels, and steel, stone-coated tiles.

Estimating Roofing Costs

Use our Metal Roofing Cost Calculator to estimate your metal roofing costs in three easy steps.

Step 1: Provide the total area (in feet) of the house.

You can get the area by multiplying the length of the house by the width. The length is measured along the long side while the width is along the short side.

Step 2: Specify whether single-story or double-story

All rooms in a single-story house are on the ground level. Rooms in two-story houses are spread across two floors.

Step 3: Choose the slope of your roof.

The slope on your roof is the extent to which your roof rises vertically for each horizontal foot. Your roof can have a high, medium, or low slope. A high roof slope matches 12 vertical inches of rising with 12 horizontal inches. A medium slope rises six vertical inches with each 12-inch horizontal distance.

Although the cost calculator can estimate metal roofing costs, it excludes:

  • Cost of replacing any damaged structures on the roof
  • Costs related to geographic location
  • Quality of materials offered by different manufacturers
  • Necessary taxes and permits for roof replacement
  • Replacement of other damaged roofing systems

What to Consider when Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Once you decide to install a metal roof, the next major decision is choosing the top roofing company. If a contractor installs your metal roof wrongly, it will cost you money sooner than necessary. You must, therefore, pick a qualified, reputable, and experienced contractor who can deliver quality installation services.

To make the right choice, here are the factors that you must consider.

  1. Licensing

You prove the legitimacy of a contractor by asking them to provide a valid license and all necessary operational permits. You can call your city or town hall to confirm the contractor’s license number. The contractor must also have skilled employees and high standing with the local building department.

  1. References

Once you establish that the contractor is legitimate, ask them to provide three or more references. Be sure to call those references to confirm the contractor’s level of reliability and competence. A contractor recommended by metal roofing manufacturers, family, friends, or neighbors is always a better pick. Bank and supplier references also provide detailed information about the financial stability of the roofing company and the standard of the materials they choose.

  1. Certification

Certification by a manufacturer means that the contractor has been specially trained to install that manufacturer’s material. When a contractor is certified, they may extend your roof’s manufacturer warranty against defects or errors.

  1. Competence

The contractor must be skilled and experienced in metal roofing. They should demonstrate a deep understanding of the job process and materials by responding to all your questions. They should also provide an estimate of the cost before work commences. Additionally, a qualified contractor should only ask for a maximum of 70 – 80% in initial payments. You pay the balance after they complete the project.

  1. Written contracts

All the agreements regarding the project should be in writing. These include the detailed scope of the work and the agreed time frames. Avoid any verbal contracts, and if that contractor is unwilling to put the contract in writing, then seek another contractor. Take your time to make decisions and do not buckle from pressure by the contractor – the project should fit in your schedule.

  1. Quality of workforce and materials

Roofing company employees are likely to provide better quality services than sub-contractors. The employees are more experienced as opposed to subcontractors, who often get hired due to their low charges.

Contact the contractor’s suppliers to determine the quality of materials that the contractor uses. High-quality materials include:

  • Woven underlayment with plastic cap nails
  • Water and ice protective shields for the eave edges on the roof
  • Interlocking system for starters and finishers
  • High-quality sealants
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Ridge vents
  • Heat reflecting, energy efficient finishes
  • Self-cleaning open valleys
  1. Warranties and employee insurance

Check the type of warranties the contractor offers. Some offer lifetime warranties on artistry and materials, while others provide customized guarantees. Also, choose a company whose employees are insured. The insurance protects you from financial responsibility in case employees suffer injuries on the job.

Way Forward

Top Metal Roofs provides the most reliable metal roofing solutions. Among the many Milton roofing companies, we are the leading metal roof installers. We have countless success stories told by our large pool of satisfied clients in and around Toronto. If you live in Milton and its environs, call us at 647-470-7161 and you too can benefit from our exemplary services.