Scarborough Roofing Companies

Choosing the right roofing company is just as important as selecting the construction company because the roof completes the look of your building. A roof that is properly installed and well matched to all other aspects of the building such as the siding gives the entire project a unique, stylish and synchronized appearance. To achieve this look, you need the help of a reliable roofing company.

About Us

roofing scarboroughWe are a roofing company specializing in steel/metal roofing solutions for all types of commercial and residential buildings. As a premier roofing company, Top Metal Roofs provides a wide range of roofing solutions and help you find the best one for your building. All our products are of extremely high standards and are an excellent choice for all types of roofs. In matters roofing, Scarborough residents can count on our quality products and expertise.

For your business premises, you will want a roof that lasts long without becoming unsightly or damaged. Whether you want a modern look that provides extra security and safety, or you want a roofing material to prolong the lifespan of your existing roof, we have a metal product for you. We also combine the endurance of steel with the appearance of shingle to give your roof a traditional look. Whatever your business, Top Metal Roofs will create an everlasting experience for all your customers.

For your residential roofing projects, we customize our wide variety of materials, colors and styles to suit your roofing needs. We seamlessly blend your style to that of the surrounding homes without devaluing your home and at the same time, maintaining your style. Whether you want a neutral color or a brighter look, there is something for you in our full range of color options.

In addition to new installations, we also repair damaged roofs and replace old ones. We also offer other roofing services such as cleaning gutters and installing skylights and sun tubes.

Top Metal Roofs offers metal roofing services in Toronto and other Ontario areas within 80 Kilometers from Toronto. We have numerous successful projects in Burlington, Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton. We also have many others in Etobicoke, North York, Ajax, Newmarket, and Pickering. Call our consultants at 647-470-7161 for enquiries and a free estimate.

Why Top Metal Roofs?

As you plan for your roofing, Scarborough may have several roofing contractors, but only Top Metal Roofs guarantees quality materials and installation services. Here are some reasons why.

  • We carry over $5 million in liability insurance
  • WSIB covers our installation crew
  • Our roofs are self-ventilated and the most efficient across North America
  • We produce our sheets using the highest amount of non-reused steel
  • Our sheets come with the widest overlap (4 inches) in all of North America
  • We press our raw materials by roll forming to produce modular panels. We do not use the sampling process.
  • We protect our steel sheets using seven protective layers and a coat of baked polymer. We never paint with acrylic or use PVC.

Why You Should Install a Metal Roof

While there are many roofing materials available, a metal roof has unique benefits that you cannot get from any other material. These include:

1. Extraordinary durability and longevity:

Your metal roof will last for about 70 years if it is installed well. In that time, you will not need to do any routine maintenance or repair.

2. Energy efficiency:

Because metal reflects solar heat, your house remains cooler. Therefore, your cooling costs decrease.

3. Environmental sustainability:

At least 25% of the content in metal roofs is recycled, and the roof can be reused fully after it has served its lifetime. Metal roofs also perform exceptionally well in harvesting rainwater and installation of solar panels.

4. A broad range of style options:

Metal roofs are produced in styles that resemble other roofing materials. The metal is also available in various materials, shapes, finishes and an assortment of standard, premium and custom colors.

5. Superior fire resistance:

Metal is noncombustible. Therefore, metal roofing has a Class A rating for fire resistance.

6. Remarkable lightweight:

Metal roofing is significantly lighter than other roofing materials. It can be overlaid on an existing roof without adjusting the structural support.

7. Consistency:

Unlike other traditional roofing materials that frequently change color and style, manufacturers of metal roofing materials maintain consistency. You can easily modify or extend your metal roof after several years using the same designs and color you used earlier.

8. Adaptability:

Metal roofing materials can efficiently be designed to suit any roof design, including rounded and elaborate styles.

9. Total shedding of rain and snow:

Metal panels are impermeable to rain and snow because they are slippery, hard and interlocked during installation. Also, snow melts away faster on dark-toned metal roofs because the roofs warm faster.

10. Low roof pitch:

Metal roofs are ideal for low-pitched roofs because they do not pose any risk of leakage. A low-pitched roof is one that rises 3 inches for every 12 horizontal inches.

11. Reliability:

For other roofing materials, you must use sealants and adhesives on flashings, dead valleys, and transitions. For metal roofs, you can cover such difficult areas using the same metal roofing materials without the need for sealants or adhesives.

12. Resistance to pests, rodents, and wild animals:

Pests, rodents, and wild animals cannot destroy your metal roof to get into your house.

13. Moss, mildew, and fungus proof:

Metal roofs are resistant to mold, moss, and fungus. This resistance makes metal roofing the best option in heavily wooded regions.

Choosing the Best Roofing Company

Now that you know the features that make metal roofing superior, you have to choose the best contractor for the job. In metal roofing, Scarborough residents have Top Metal Roofs, the best roofing contractor in the industry. There are also other companies that may promise excellent services, but you need to be aware of what makes a reliable roofing contractor. Here is a list of what to check.

  1. Licensing

Legitimacy of the contractor is a critical factor to consider when hiring a roofing contractor. The company must have valid licenses and permits to operate, have qualified employees and have high ratings from the building department. Regardless of how genuine the company appears, you must confirm the validity of their license from the city or town hall. Sometimes, the building department automatically checks the licenses when you apply for your building permit, but the checks may not happen for small jobs.

  1. References

A legitimate contractor should provide you with at least three references for you to call and confirm the reputation of the company. Ask those people the following questions:

  • Was the contractor’s performance satisfactory?
  • Did the contractor work within the agreed timetable?
  • Did any hidden fees or work arise later?
  • How did the contractor deal with emerging issues?
  • Are you likely to hire that contractor again?

References from banks and product suppliers provide information about the financial status of the contractor and the standard of materials they use. If possible, ask family, friends, neighbors or even manufacturers of steel roofing materials to recommend a contractor. Browse through the contractor’s website to see their portfolio and their reviews.

  1. Expertise

The contractor must be knowledgeable and experienced enough to complete the work. Ask the contractor some precise questions about the project to establish whether they understand the installation procedures and the necessary materials. A competent contractor should assess the roof and give an estimate before the work starts. The contractor should also be able to provide comprehensive answers to questions about the roofing project and only ask for a down payment of less than 80%.

  1. A written contract

All agreements should be in writing, including the scope and the schedule of work. Ask the contractor to include any missing information in the contract before the work begins. If the contractor does not offer written agreements, hire another contractor.

  1. High-quality materials and skilled crew

Some roofing companies hire freelance installers who work at cheap rates but are often not experienced. Always choose a company that has an installation crew because they are better trained and more experienced.

You can also contact the company’s suppliers to determine the quality of goods the contractor uses. Such materials are:

  • Starters and finishers that interlock
  • Top-quality sealants
  • A water and ice shield
  • A woven underlayment with plastic cap nails instead of staples
  • Heat reflecting  finishes that save energy
  • Ridge vents
  • Concealed fasteners to protect the roofing system from panel penetration
  • Self-cleaning, open valleys to prevent ice buildup
  1. Workers’ Insurance coverage and product warranties 

Choose a contractor who has purchased workers’ insurance for the installation crew. This insurance acts as a safety net in case one of the workers is injured while working on your property. Also, check the warranties that your contractor offers. Some companies give lifetime warranties on products and installation services while others place a limit on natural disasters.

  1. Manufacturers’ certification

Although it is not mandatory, a manufacturer’s certification is evidence of a contractor’s reliability. Manufacturers usually train the installers on how to install the manufacturers’ products and protect you from installation failures that may arise later.

Talk to the Metal Roofing Experts

It can be costly to hire an unreliable or inexperienced contractor to install, repair or replace your roof. Because at Top Metal Roofs we are well versed with the key features of roofing, Scarborough clients can rely on our services. We aim to provide roofing materials and install a roof that reflects your style. Talk to us via email or call 647-470-7161. We will not only provide a free estimate, but we will offer you technical guidance on choosing the best roofing materials.