How Metal Roofs are Environmentally Friendly

How Metal Roofs are Environmentally Friendly

Most people wouldn’t think much about the impact their homes or parts of their homes have on the environment. This is especially true for older and very old edifices. These days things have changed and people are more and more mindful about their ecological footprint.

How Metal Roofs are Environmentally Friendly

At first, people didn’t need to think much about the trash they made. Most folks made things to last for as long as possible. Then, when the item couldn’t serve its original purpose any longer, it was given another use. The process was continued until the item was too damaged to still be used in any shape or form. This thought-line was done away with once the consumerist society bloomed. Consumerism created both solutions and problems for Mother Nature. Nowadays, a new yet well-known generation of consumers appeared: those who once again value long products of good quality that last for a long time, even if they have to spend more upfront.

How are metal roofs eco-friendly?

There are several ways in which a metal roof is eco-friendly.


When a person is able to use a product for a very long time, without the need of replacing it, they create less waste, as the product doesn’t end in a landfill. A metal roof fits the bill perfectly, as it has a lifespan of around 100 years, maybe more depending on the type of metal used, how it was installed, treated, maintained, and the general weather it experienced.

Tiles and slates also last at least 50 years, but they generally end up as trash if they get damaged. Usually, a hailstorm is their enemy as they can even break. The metal roof will generally lose its shape, but it can still be used. The longer the lifespan of a product, the less waste it makes and the more eco-friendly it is.

Can be repaired

All homeowners should have their roofs professionally inspected, at least once in a while. Any type of roof that is not metal usually needs to be replaced if it gets damaged. In most cases, the damage is in the form of mold, termite damage, or breaking. Sometimes, depending on how extensive the damage is, replacing a few tiles is enough.

Those who decided to install metal on their houses need fewer inspections and almost no roof or tile replacement. Should the roof lose its shape because of a hailstorm, the tiles can be easily repaired. Furthermore, should by any chance, a hole would appear in the metal tile, someone can easily repair it.


We mentioned how some materials end up as trash, filling the land that could be used for other purposes. A metal roof is not one of those materials. In fact, most metal roofs used to be something else. On top of this, if the metal tiles have to be removed from the roof, they’ll usually be turned into other items or another roof.

None of the other roof types can be recycled and haven’t been recycled either. One could argue that a wood roof could be recycled. People don’t realize that the wood used there was treated with specific toxic solutions or oils that render those wooden tiles useless. A roof can be made of reclaimed wood instead. An asphalt roof starts to release toxic fumes once the temperature gets too high. While it could possibly be used to a road, this rarely happens. As a result, it ends up as trash.

The tile and slate roofs also can’t be transformed into anything else. The tiles that are still in good condition can be reused in other roofs. The broken ones are thrown away.


A metal roof can be installed on top of the roof the house already has. This means less waste is created since the old material doesn’t get thrown away. The only problem here is represented by the local regulations that may force homeowners to first remove the old roof before installing a new one, even when the new one is made of metal.

Solar panels

Most photovoltaic panels can be installed on top of a metal roof. This is a great advantage for those considering a renewable energy source. These panels can’t be installed on any other types of roofs because those need regular inspection, and sometimes replacement. Metal roofs require less maintenance and inspection.


A metal roof creates better insulation than any other type of roof. This is because it is generally installed with a batten/counter-batten system which creates a pocket of dead air. This air is between the roof and the house and acts as an insulator. In turn, the living spaces below don’t get very hot in summer nor too cold in winter. This means those living in the house will need less electricity to run their air conditioning machines.

Reduced pollution through transportation

Before being installed, any roof has to be transported. There are more routes a roof will travel by before reaching its final destination. These routes are little known to the buyer. What matters more during the transport of the roof is the weight of the material. Heavier materials put more strain on the vehicle’s engine and as such more fuel is used.

When comparing metal roofs with other types of roofs of the same size, the former weighs less. Even different types of metals can weigh less than other types.

Additionally, if a person has to replace the roof of their house, and chooses to install metal on top of the old one, they again reduce the pollution caused by transportation. This is done by skipping a trip to the disposal place.

Increased lifespan of the house

Older buildings may benefit from having a metal roof installed, especially when the old one is replaced. As said before, in some areas it is mandatory to completely remove a roof before having another one installed.

A metal roof is lighter in weight as already mentioned. This means there’s no extra pressure put on the walls of the edifice. Older buildings, with a weaker structure, can thus stand for longer. When an edifice gets too old for repairs, it is usually taken down, and in many cases, all the rubble ends in a landfill, as trash. The fewer buildings get demolished, the less garbage is created.

Other reasons to consider a metal roof

There are several other reasons to consider having a metal roof installed.


Metal doesn’t catch fire. This is the main reason people living in areas prone to wild-fires increasingly choose this type of roof. In many cases, when the roof is on fire, there’s little that can be done to stop the fire from spreading and destroying the house.

Lower bills

Many people noticed they needed to use less energy to warm up or cool down their homes. This resulted in lower energy bills. The warning though is that this money-saving is seen over a longer period of time and that the initial cost of the metal roof is pretty high.

Consuming less energy is possible because metal reflects heat, or better said, it reflects the rays causing heat. This property of the metal can be enhanced when painting it white, or other light colors.

Increased property value

Those who consider selling their houses can actually ask for more money if the property has a metal roof. The value is generally increased by 1 to 6%, which is not enough but could cover the cost of the roof.

Not snow-friendly

Metal roofs actually allow the snow to just slide off the house. This means there will be no ice dam forming on the roof. Additionally, the weight of the snow won’t burden the house and the inhabitants won’t have to worry about removing the snow from their roofs.

Can look like other materials

Not everyone likes the appearance of metal. These days, however, manufacturers can stamp metal to look just like any other type of roof material, be it shingles, clay tiles or wooden slats. One doesn’t have to compromise the appearance of their home just because they chose a certain material.

At a time when the public requests and puts pressure on both authorities and building developers to find a solution for the increased trash in the landfill, there’s less and less of an excuse not to listen. Many communities went as far as creating regulations for both new and old buildings in their neighborhoods. Choosing to install a metal roof is the easiest way of complying. Such a roof offers many benefits, as mentioned above and is also very environmentally friendly. Everyone who chose to install a metal roof is more than satisfied with their decision and encourages everyone they know to do the same. Metal roofs are not only used to cover private residences, but also commercial spaces and other types of buildings. In the big cities, these roofs help with keeping the city cooler in summer. In addition to metal roofs, green roofs are used by some builders as a way of purifying the air.

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