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A high quality metal roof is more affordable than you think.
All season installations - Winter Installs available.

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A new metal roofing system provides worry free protection for a lifetime. Tired of re-roofing every 10-12 years with regular asphalt shingles? Low weight and maintenance free 50 year steel roofing products increase your home’s curb appeal and are more cost effective than common asphalt shingles. Top Metal Roofs are The People’s choice when it comes to metal roofs. Professional and affordable installations, quick lead times and friendly service are just a few of the reasons why Top Metal Roofs are The People’s choice when it comes to metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Installation Services in Toronto and GTA

Winter Installations Available.

Metal Roof Features & Benefits

50 Year Transferable Warranty

Never worry about re-roofing again

Increased Curb Appeal

Increase your home's resale value PLUS: Square up the look of your old roof

Fire, Wind and Hail Resistant

Enjoy the peace of mind a properly installed steel roof provides

Energy Efficient

Save up to 30% on your energy bills

Pest Resistant

Keep Raccoons and Squirrels out of your home

Made in Canada

Using top quality G90 Gavanized Steel. Why pay more for imported roofs?

Toronto Metal Roofing Company

Steel Roofing Installations

Top Metal Roofs offers steel roofing installation services in Toronto, GTA, Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo area. Why do we install the neighbour’s metal roof so often?  Call us right now to learn why Top Metal Roofs are The People’s Choice when it comes to high quality metal roofs.

Hamilton & Niagara

Serving: Ainslie Wood, Ancaster, Binbrook, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton, Lynden, St. Catharines and Niagara region.


Serving: Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Brock, Burlington, Caledon, Clarington, Durham Region, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, Halton Hills, King City, Maple, Markham, Mississauga, Milton, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Scugog, Toronto, Uxbridge, York, Vaughan, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Whitby and Woodbridge.

Tri-City & Surrounding

Serving: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira, Elora, Woolwich, Wellesley, Wilmot and North Dumfries.

Real Reviews

Metal Roofing Installation in Toronto. Black Steel Roofing Product.
Metal Roofing Installation in Toronto. Black Steel Roofing Product vs Asphalt Shingles.

Metal Roofing Professionals

Steel Roofing has been a popular home roofing product in Europe since the middle ages. What you may not know is that in Canada today, it is thought that metal roofing accounts for about 10% of all residential roofs. Chances are there’s a metal roof on your very own street. As values change, Canadian homeowners are increasingly looking for building products that are environmentally sustainable, increase energy efficiency and still look beautiful. Metal roofing is the perfect choice for those who want a permanent roof solution that make sense financially and improves the overall look of their home’s exterior.

Why Choose Top Metal Roofs?

At Top Metal Roofs we treat each and every residential steel roofing installation with great care. But don’t take our word for it – Read our reviews and see for yourself why other homeowners just like you recommend our metal roofing services every day! We know that hard work and keeping promises isn’t enough – a properly installed metal roof requires a team that is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the products that they are installing.

Top Reasons Our Installations Are Better

It’s not enough to be affordable. The permanent metal roof you put on your greatest investment needs to be installed correctly. At Top Metal Roofs we won’t cut corners on your roofing installation – and that’s a promise. Here are the top reasons why a Top Metal Steel Roof is better…

Top Reasons Our Products Are Better

While our metal roofs are priced very competitively – It doesn’t pay in the long run to buy a cheap steel roof. At Top Metal Roofs we don’t go cheap on materials we use for your roofing installation. Here are the top reasons why a Top Metal Steel Roof is better than cheap metal roofs…

Steel Roofing Products

Our metal roofing products are made to withstand the harsh Ontario elements. Backed by a 50 year warranty, your Top Metal Roofs steel roof will be the last roof you will ever need. Learn more about our quality metal roofing tiles here.


G90 Steel with 50 Year Warranty


G90 Steel with 50 Year Warranty


G90 Steel with 40 Year Warranty


G90 Steel with 50 Year Warranty

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Metal Roofing has been an important architectural component for thousands of years. In Europe, metal roofs have been the product of choice since medieval times. Metal roofs used to be primarily for important structures like castles and churches, but since the industrial revolution, metal roofing has spread far and wide. Over the last 15 years, the popularity of steel roofs in North America has exploded. Since modern metal roofs come in so many designs and colours and are relatively inexpensive to install, metal roofs can be seen in almost every neighbourhood.

Homeowners are tired of shingles blowing off whenever there’s a storm. Even new shingle roofs can get covered in black streaks of mold that lower a homes resale value. When they realize that even the best shingles only really last about 10-12 years, Toronto homeowners upgrade to a steel roofing system” – John Ceban

Steel roofing systems that are designed for residential roofs come in shake, shingle and tile looks. Some modern style homes or farm houses opt for standing seam which is a flat and clean looking product with raised vertical seams. Steel tiles are a very popular choice in Toronto and the GTA because it looks just like the roofs “back home” and increases a homes curb appeal. Whatever look you choose, a professionally installed metal roof outperforms asphalt shingles every time.

Installation Information

The quality of installation on your new metal roof is equally important as the product you choose. Proper installation techniques ensure that your roof will live up to its warranty. GTA homes are known for their complicated roof designs. Any section of roof where planes intersect, or elements such as the chimney and skylights connect, need to be handled carefully and professionally.

Chimney Flashing

How a chimney is flashed is an important aspect of any metal roof installation. Improperly installed chimney flashing is probably the number one reason why leaks from the roof occur. At Top Metal Roofs, we take the time to form the metal for maximum watertightness around the chimney. Cheap metal roof installations rely completely on caulking which can dry out and shrink over time.

Ridge Venting

Ridge venting provides the best level of air flow or air exchange between your roof and outdoor air. This air exchange creates a transition between indoor and outdoor temperature and prevents condensation inside your attic. A ridge vent is installed by cutting a gap along the length of your ridge and then enclosing it with a vented ridge cap designed to allow warm moist air to flow out of your attic. Not all roof designs have a long enough ridge to make a ridge vent useful so please talk to a Top Metal Roofs representative to see if this option will work for your home.

Starter Flashing

Top Metal Roofs don’t cut corners when it comes to your starter flashings. We start with extra wide metal strips and take the time to secure them to your roof in a way that provides maximum protection and visual appeal.

Skylight Installation

If you have pre-existing skylights or have always wanted to add more natural light to your home, Top Metal Roofs can help. Our professional metal roof installers will take the time to mount your skylights for maximum stability and watertightness.

Custom Ridge/Hip Caps

Factory formed ridge and hip caps seldom work on roofs with a complex design. Top Metal Roofs take the time to form custom caps for the unique needs of each home. This extra detailed step makes a world of difference for the overall look and cohesion of your roof.

Steel Roofing Colours

NOTE: The colour chips below do not reflect how metal roofing products will look under real outdoor lighting conditions. For selection purposes please see metal roofing pictures.

Who is Top Metal Roofs?

Metal Roofing Installations Toronto & GTA

“I know that I am a little bit of a control freak about installations – but my customers appreciate it. I am involved in every single job that we do.” – John Ceban

After dedicating 10 years to mastering the craft of steel roofing installation, John Ceban created Top Metal Roofs. Since 2010 John has amassed an impressive team of steel roofing installation specialists. All hand picked – all personally trained.

Steel Roofing Service Areas

We offer steel roofing installations in the following cities: Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Burlington, Waterdown, Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Niagara Falls and surrounding areas.

Metal Roofing Installation Service Area Map

Steel Roofing vs Asphalt Roofing

Steel Roofing Installation

Tired of wasting money on asphalt shingles?

With asphalt shingles lasting an average of 12 years in Ontario, it’s no wonder metal roofing is gaining popularity. Roofs in the GTA take a lot of beating. With all of our abrupt changes in temperature, heavy ice, wind, rain, sleet and snow – an asphalt roof doesn’t stand much of a chance. On average, a metal roof costs only about 2 times the price of asphalt and lasts 50 years or more. That means by upgrading to a professionally installed steel roof, you will never need to worry about your roof again. Learn more about steel vs asphalt roofing.


Commercial Steel Roofs

Our Steel roofing company specializes in residential steel roofs and light commercial metal roofing applications. With over 90 colour variations, finishes and profiles available, we have the right metal roof to reflect your corporate identity and budget. Please contact us today for a free estimate and consultation.

Metal Roofing Installation Services in Toronto and GTA