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Why Waste Money On Asphalt?

A Quality Metal Roof Is More Affordable Than You Think...

Why Waste Money On Asphalt?

A Quality Metal Roof Is More Affordable Than You Think...


Metal Roofing Toronto & GTA – Award Winning Services

No Maintenance or repair costs, lightweight roofing material, and better attic ventilation are just a few of the benefits of installing a metal roof.


This type of metal roofing is the most widely used. It is similar with classical tiles and is used especially in residential buildings.


Sheet metal is used as facade and roofing material especially for commercial and industrial buildings.


Metal siding panels can be used on the interior or exterior of a structure. They are energy efficient and can result in lower heating and cooling costs.


Accessories can be used to modify the look of your metal roof and personalize it to your likes and needs.


It’s no secret that metal roofs are superior to their counterparts; and in a city like Toronto, where the weather changes at the drop of a pin, you’re going to want to make sure your home is protected. That’s where TOP METAL ROOFS comes in. We’re Toronto’s premier metal roofing company who is on the move to revolutionize the way homes and roofs are constructed in the area. Why? Because they’re better.

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Metal Roofing Reviews

John was very competitive with price and offered high quality roof. Job was done in highly professional manner when promised. So far, very satisfied with a new roof. Looks great.

Dan G

Dan G

Best service and price. Job completed with no delay and no hidden cost.
Top metal roofs no worry solution! Thank you and kind regards,

Great & prompt service. Easy to work with from start to finish. Great quality and look. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome . Strongly recommend.

Residential Metal Roofing

We can guarantee that our metal roofs are durable and built to last so your family can stay safe and dry. We offer a range of styles and finishes to suit your home and your personal style. We know you’ll love your new metal roof for years to come. Our roofing specialists will ensure that your roof is exactly what you want. We want you to be happy with your roof that will last for years to come. At TOP METAL ROOFS, we have the tools and know-how to get your dream project done. The outside of your home is what people will see first so we want you to make sure it fits your personal style. We are committed to giving you the exact roof you want. Whatever your visions are for the project for your home, let us help you make your dream a reality!

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Commercial Steel Roofing

Our Steel roofing company is committed to providing the best for our customers. The roofing industry is fast-paced, and we are able to keep up with all the most recent trends and updates to this ever-changing technology. We understand how critical it is for a business to have a functional and sturdy building. If you are a business owner and want to make a quality investment in your building, look no further than TOP METAL ROOFS.

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