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Metal Roofing Tiles

Are you roofing your newly constructed or acquired home? Are you planning to replace your old problematic roof? Do you want to sell your house? Whatever your reason is for installing a new roof, metal roofing tiles are your best option.

Metal roofing tiles are lightweight, able to withstand impact and extreme weather, and require minimal maintenance. They are cost effective, energy efficient and eco-friendly. In addition, they can last a lifetime without replacement or repair.

Top Metal Roofs offers three types of metal roofing tiles that will make your house blend in with the neighborhood, yet maintain its unique style. 

Balanic tile

Bold metal tile is produced using cutting-edge technology and machinery. It is elegant, durable and offers 6 color options. It is resistant to temperature fluctuations and has a life expectancy of 50 – 60 years.

Bold metal is made of steel which is galvanized on both sides and protected with a polyester coating. It is manufactured in a standard length ranging from 500 – 7000 mm.

Bold metal is ideal for renovating old buildings. When installed on historic buildings, bold metal blends the old look with a new appearance to create a touch of tasteful restoration. The tile protects the building from the elements and preserves its architectural appeal.

Classic tile

Classic tile is mostly used for residential roofing. It is resistant to temperature variations, lasts for 50 – 60 years and is available in 29 colors.

Classic tile is made of steel with a profile of 0.40 – 0.60 thickness and coated on both sides with zinc (Z225-Z275). It has a polyester coating for protection and a layer of dull or glossy paint. The standard length of classic tile panels is 500mm – 7000 mm.

If you are covering a long waterline length, using at least two panels is more effective. Consequently, computation of bottom panels factors in multiple panels as well as a 150 mm technical overlap.

Romanic tile

Romanic tile is a durable and stylish type of metal roofing tiles. It is resistant to extreme temperature changes and has a lifespan of between 50 – 60 years. It is produced in 29 shades of color.

Romanic tile is made from steel sheets that are 0.50 – 0.60 mm thick. Each side is zinc-plated (Z225-Z275), coated with protective polyester, and layered with a coat of glossy or matte paint. It is produced in lengths of 500 – 7000 mm and an exceptionally high 30 mm profile. Romanic tile modules overlap on both sides due to an advanced joining system. This makes the installation considerably simpler and cheaper.

Due to its style and durability, Romanic tile can be used in roofing new buildings. It is also suitable for age-old historical monuments and buildings with Roman architecture.

Choose a Metal Roofing Tile

Metal is the only roofing material that combines elegance, durability and energy efficiency in a single roofing solution. With the three types of metal roofing tiles, you can pick one that suits your style and seamlessly compliments the other architectural features of your home. Talk to us at 647-470-7161 today for a timeless roof.

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