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If you want to repair or install new metal roofing in Mississauga, you’re at the right place. Roofer is one of the most difficult and responsible jobs in construction.

A professional roofing contractor should have knowledge of traditional and modern roofing solutions. In the construction industry, we distinguish several types of roofs: flat roofs, one roof roofs, two roofs, four roof roofs, envelope roofs, pediment roofs, semi-roof roofs, mansard roofs, turret roofs and domed roofs.

When choosing a roof panel, the investor should consult the opinion of an experienced roofer who will advise you on which roofing materials and accessories to use. Replacing the roof or installing a new roof should be preceded by a cost estimate. For your roofing company to create a cost estimate, they must know the detailed structural dimensions of the roof.

Top Metal Roofs offers you the full range of metal roofing solutions, starting from making a completely free estimate to the last nail in the roof. We dismantle old roofs, pick roofs, assemble roof tiles, ceramic tiles, trapezoidal sheets, modular sheets, seam sheets, roof slates, roofing membranes, roof windows, gutter systems, anti-snow systems, all the type of sheet metal tearing at heights. We provide comprehensive services.

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Why Top Metal Roofs Mississauga

The Metal Roofing tile is currently a very popular type of cover, made, as the name suggests, of metal. The metal tile can take different shapes and colors and, besides the aesthetic factor, it offers a wide range of benefits.

It is lighter, costs less and lasts longer than traditional ceramic tiles, can be transported and stored with ease, the assembly is easy, can withstand even in extreme climatic conditions, is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Over the years, the market has been enveloped by a suite of types of metal tiles, each with different advantages, features and benefits. Choosing the right metallic tile is influenced by factors such as house architecture, the quality of the tile that is made, the range of colors, weather resistance in a particular region, color durability, installation possibilities and price.

Top Metal Roofs offers benefits for any type of home in any region of the country.

Investment that lasts

A metal roof can keep from 30 to 50 with minimal maintenance.

Increased durability

The metal roof can protect your house regardless of the conditions it is exposed to.

Variety of styles

Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of styles, types and colors.

Superior quality

We provide high-quality, durable and durable tile sheet metal.

Do you want a healthy roof at the lowest cost?

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Metal Roofing Measurements

Our field officers are moving to your construction and are free to perform the wrapper measurement. Whether it is a new construction or a revetment of an existing roof, the roof measurement performed by an expert is the basis for a correct estimate.


Make the estimate

Whether we are talking about a measurement by our experts, an architectural project or a roof sketch provided by you, the technical department will make a fair, oppressed and personalized look for your roof so you can benefit from a maximum yield and of minimum costs.

All of our estimates will be detailed so that you can see what materials you have been bidding, in what quantities, what is the cost of assembly and auxiliary materials, and you will be recommended to produce products that will add value to your envelopes.


Professional counseling

We do not just want to take your money for a roof, no matter what its output.
Our mission is to help you professionally purchase a cover system. Our sales counselors will review all the options you have for your roof, depending on the type of project, the available budget, the house architecture.

They will show you the factors that hurry the deterioration of a cover and show you how to avoid it.

They will only recommend the products that fit your project type and will not make any compromise of quality just to sell you some of the products you ask for, without knowing that they do not fit your roof. This is the guarantee that you will not be fooled.


Installation of the cover system

Assembly of the cover systems is only done with our own fitters. In addition to the experience gained by them in the years of work, we, Top Metal Roof, invest annually in training courses, we carry out internal competitions between installers to stimulate their desire for improvement.

In this way, our customers benefit from a quality assurance and enjoy the safety and comfort of the cover purchased from us.

If you have to renovate a roof, we are dealing with scrapping the old cover and evacuating the waste.



We guarantee the correctness of the estimate, if we have done the new measurement and if additional material is required due to the erroneous calculation, it will be borne by us.

We work with responsibility and understand that a happy customer and a quality work (both aesthetically and from the point of view of safety and protection offered by the roof) lead to our success in the field of sales and installation of complete roof systems of the attic windows.

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