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Metal Roofing Ajax – Award Winning Services

Metal Roofing installations in Ajax are happening on every block. As asphalt shingle roofs age, Ajax homeowners are looking for longer lasting, more beautiful options that only a quality steel roof can offer.

Metal Roof Features & Benefits

50 Year Transferable Warranty

Never worry about re-roofing again

Increased Curb Appeal

Increase your home's resale value PLUS: Square up the look of your old roof

Fire, Wind and Hail Resistant

Enjoy the peace of mind a properly installed steel roof provides

Energy Efficient

Save up to 30% on your energy bills

Pest Resistant

Keep Raccoons and Squirrels out of your home

Made in Canada

Using top quality G90 Gavanized or Galvalume Steel. Why pay more for imported roofs?

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Ajax Steel Roofing Installation. PRODUCT: Chocolate Brown Spanish Tile
Chocolate Brown Spanish Steel Roofing Tile Installation in Ajax, Ontario.

Why are metal roofs so popular in Ajax?

The Town of Ajax was established in 1941 around a shell plant constructed to help with the WWII effort. Long before that, Ajax was a farming community. Early European settlers used metal roofing on homes and agricultural buildings as they did back home. Metal roofing made sense for anyone wanting a long lasting and durable shelter – especially anyone living close to Lake Ontario where high speed winds are a problem for cheap shingle roofs. Because of their war-time history, the people of Ajax are very practical, so naturally metal roofing has continued to be a popular choice in the region.

If you own a heritage home in Ajax, you may need a heritage permit to change the look of your roof. Fortunately, there are metal roofing options with profiles suitable for heritage homes. To learn more visit The Town of Ajax Home and Property information page.

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Why Choose Top Metal Roofs?

At Top Metal Roofs we treat each and every residential steel roofing installation with great care. But don’t take our word for it – Read our reviews and see for yourself why other homeowners just like you recommend our metal roofing services every day! We know that hard work and keeping promises isn’t enough – a properly installed metal roof requires a team that is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the products that they are installing.

Top Reasons Our Installations Are Better

It’s not enough to be affordable. The permanent metal roof you put on your greatest investment needs to be installed correctly. At Top Metal Roofs we won’t cut corners on your roofing installation – and that’s a promise. Here are the top reasons why a Top Metal Steel Roof is better…

Top Reasons Our Products Are Better

While our metal roofs are priced very competitively – It doesn’t pay in the long run to buy a cheap steel roof. At Top Metal Roofs we don’t go cheap on materials we use for your roofing installation. Here are the top reasons why a Top Metal Steel Roof is better than cheap metal roofs…

Steel Roofing Products

Our metal roofing products are made to withstand the harsh Ontario elements. Backed by a 50 year warranty, your Top Metal Roofs steel roof will be the last roof you will ever need. Learn more about our quality metal roofing tiles here.


G90 Steel with 50 Year Warranty


G90 Steel with 50 Year Warranty


G90 Steel with 40 Year Warranty


G90 Steel with 50 Year Warranty


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    Steel Roofing vs Asphalt Roofing

    Steel Roofing Installation

    Tired of wasting money on asphalt shingles?

    With asphalt shingles lasting an average of 12 years in Ontario, it’s no wonder metal roofing is gaining popularity. Roofs in the GTA take a lot of beating. With all of our abrupt changes in temperature, heavy ice, wind, rain, sleet and snow – an asphalt roof doesn’t stand much of a chance. On average, a metal roof costs only about 2 times the price of asphalt and lasts 50 years or more. That means by upgrading to a professionally installed steel roof, you will never need to worry about your roof again. Learn more about steel vs asphalt roofing.

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