Metal Roof Colours

Metal roofs provide the most colour options than any other type of roofing material. With the many roof colour options available, metal roofing trends are shifting away from the conservative earth tones to bolder shades that stand out from the crowd. The wide variety of metal roof colours is setting a tone that reflects the latest preferences and styles for homeowners.

Since your metal roof will last a lifetime, it is critical for you to select a colour that will still appeal to you even after many years. We can help you compare your preferred colour schemes and select a colour that suits your style.

Metal Roof Colours

NOTE: The colour chips below do not reflect how metal roofing products will look under real outdoor lighting conditions.

For selection purposes please see metal roofing pictures.

The 10 Cs for Metal Roof Colour Selection 

Selecting a suitable colour for your roof is both an art and a science. Here are some guidelines to assist you in selecting an ideal metal roof colour.

1. Coordination

This is an art of creating a balanced and unified look. The choice of colour for your roof should correspond to the general appearance of your home and complement the existing colours. You can achieve this by coordinating your roof colour with the predominant colour on the walls, doors, windows or the landscape. You can project a more elegant appearance by choosing complementary colours to develop a monochromatic colour scheme.

2. Contrast

Contrast is closely related to coordination. It is necessary to find the right amount of contrast between the colour on your roof and the colours on the rest of your house. A roof colour that contrasts with the brick colour or siding will make your home to instantly stand out and command attention.

3. Curb Appeal 

Curb appeal is how your roof blends in or stands out in relation to other roofs in the neighbourhood. Neutral colours such as grey, white or tan often blend in. Lighter metal roof colours add height to your house especially if the pitch is shallow or the roof is low. Although darker roofs are bold, they will make your tall roof appear less intimidating and your home much smaller.

Curb appeal gives you the liberty to use colour to create illusions and to make a unique statement with your home. Unique colour options will give your roof a strong curb appeal. Raw organic hues and multi-tones like copper, stainless steel and titanium have rich hues and a distinctive appeal.

4. Complementing

This is closely linked to curb appeal and colour coordinating. Your roof should complement the dominant hues in the environment. As you pick a colour, look at the sky, trees, the lawn, a river, and a lake, whichever seems closest to your roof. All these change colour frequently and at different times. You may also look at the common colour tones of other houses in the neighbourhood. A similar tone will match your roof to the surrounding.

5. Climate

Light colored roofs are preferable in warmer climates while darker roofs are more suitable for colder climates. Bright metal roofs enjoy popularity in areas with exposure to the sun all year round and very high temperatures. Your choice of color will be greatly influenced by the climate of your region.

6. Conformity

This is a combination of the complementing factor and curb appeal. You can choose to conform to the appearance of the neighborhood or to be unique. Make your color statement by achieving great contrast, without being too bold.

The color on your home’s exterior should represent your individual aesthetic preferences. However, it is prudent to watch for trends in roof colors within your neighborhood. Pick your most preferred color but conform to the neighborhood’s unwritten aesthetic rules.

7. Cost

The cost of a color that is readily available will be the same for all buyers. A unique or custom color will cost you significantly more since the color may be specially made only once for you. The manufacturer may also set a minimum quantity for material required to make the color. However, if your order is large, the cost may be more reasonable and the final custom look may be worth the premium rates. Generally, the cost is never a major consideration in the choice of color for your metal roof.

Energy Efficiency

Your choice of a roof color directly affects your energy costs. Although metal roofs are energy efficient, the right choice of color can maximize their efficiency. Light colors like white, light blue, bronze or beige reflect the rays of the sun and can make your house cooler by 50 – 60 degrees. This can reduce your cooling costs by 15 – 25% especially if your house gets sun exposure all year round.

A darker tone is better for a house in a cold climate. It will attract and retain heat from the sun’s rays and save on heating costs.

The “cool Roof” Concept

A cool roof is a type of roofing popularized by its energy efficiency. It is based on the principle that darker colors retain more heat. Cool roofs are designed to reflect and re-emit heat based on pigments in the coating. Although cool roofs are ideal for warmer climates, they are not limited to those regions.

8. Capacity

What is the roof intended for? Do you want the roof to absorb or reflect sunlight? Though capacity may seem like a secondary consideration, the function of the roof will be fundamental to the color. Light metal roof colors are more ideal in hotter climates. A light color will safeguard your home from excessive heat and lower the load on your cooling systems.

If you live in a cooler region or if your house is well ventilated and insulated, darker colors have no effect on the heating systems of your house. Additionally, you can have a roof that is pretty and practical. If you prefer darker colors, there are a variety of coatings and finishes that can be applied to your roof to make it a cool roof.

9. Color preferences

This is the most obvious criteria that you can use to select a color, and what most people relate with. However, it is not the most ideal. If you consider all other factors, your color preference may not be the sole determinant of your roof’s color.

10. Careful Attention 

The color of your roof changes with the elements depending on the amount of light and the time of day. A color that appeals to you on a sunny day may not be as beautiful on a cloudy day. Color tones may look different when viewed in the morning and in the evening. Careful attention involves looking at samples at different times of the day and under different types of light. Select a color that appeals to you under the most lighting conditions.

Options for Metal Roof Colors 

You can use any color, hue or tint for your metal roof, whether already existing or imagined. Whichever option you choose falls in any one of these general categories of metal roof colors.

1. Standard colors

These are pre-mixed, convenient, budget-friendly and readily available. They are the colors deemed by manufacturers as popular choices or best for metal roofs. The hue of one color may vary across manufacturers and a pre-mixed color by one may be a custom order from another. Colors may also be identical but have different brand names.

Often, specialty roof color vendors lack pure colors. They prefer muted colors since brighter colors fade quickly. Additionally, standard colors vary depending on your roof’s profile. A good approach would be to request catalogs from different manufacturers before picking your preferred color.

2. Special Order

These are premium shades that are regularly available and suit different profiles. Your options include multi-tone mixes that closely resemble natural bronze, aged copper and other roofing metals. These orders will cost you 10-15% above standard options.

3. Two-toned or variegated

This technology combines two color tones to produce a dimensional, sophisticated look. Two-toned or variegated metal roofs use color to replicate other roofing materials and improve the aesthetic appeal of your roof. You can contact the different manufacturers to see the available selections for these trendy colors.

4. Bare Metal Colors

Bare metal is an ultra-modern look that is striking especially if your roof has a standing seam profile. Copper, steel, aluminum, zinc, titanium, and other metals all have a naturally distinctive color. The bare metal rivals any paint job and gives your home a unique, beautiful look.

Natural metals create an authentic, modern design which is quite difficult to recreate using paint. Natural metals will instantly add allure and essence to your home.

5. Custom Colors

Choice of color is subjective, therefore, no color is off limits. Options for custom colors are limitless and can include custom levels of shininess or gloss. You can achieve an original, sophisticated look by ordering virtually any color you can imagine. Since your metal roof will last a lifetime, the premium cost of a custom color is worth it.

Final thought 

The roof is the focal point of your home’s exterior and can be a medium of expression for your individual style. Since your metal roof will last more than 50 years, consider selecting colors that will maintain the original aesthetic appeal over a long period of time. Try out our app today and select metal roof colors that match your unique personality and preferences.