Burlington Metal Roofing Services

Are you searching for a reliable Burlington roofing company? Do you need to roof your new building, replace an old roof or repair a damaged one? At Top Metal Roofs, we are experts and a trustworthy roofing company in and around Burlington. We have the best metal solutions for all your roofing needs.

About Top Metal Roofs

burlington roofingWe are a reliable, passionate, and responsible roofing company that offers metal roofing services in Burlington. We offer metal roof installations for all types of residential and commercial buildings. We also provide a variety of other roofing services such as sun tubes, skylights and gutter cleaning.

We have years of experience in installing metal roofs within Ontario, in locations 80 kilometers from Toronto. We serve clients from Vaughan, Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga, and Oakville. Our other countless, satisfied clients are in Ajax, Etobicoke, Pickering, North York, Scarborough, and Newmarket.

Whether you want to finish up your new construction or replace your traditional roof made of shingles, we can handle your project. We are willing to help you install a metal roof whose benefits last for decades into the future. We guarantee an impressive, long-lasting roof.

Call 647-470-7161 and talk to our roofing experts. We will guide you and help you with all your Burlington roofing installations, repairs or pricing quotes.

Reasons Why We Opt for Metal Roofs 

We are located in Toronto. Therefore, we understand its erratic weather patterns. This extreme weather damages the cheap, readily available, traditional asphalt shingles.

Because Top Metal Roofs understands the severe limitations of asphalt shingles, we offer a durable solution. Compared to asphalt, metal is a lifetime roofing solution that lasts over 50 years without maintenance, repair or replacement. It also adds to the aesthetic value of your roof because it does not have the look of broken and uneven shingles.

Why Choose Top Metal Roofs?

Our years of experience and reputation are built on our products, our services and our pool of skilled installers.

  • Our sheets comprise of the highest non-recycled steel content
  • Our 4-inch sheet overlap is the widest in all of North America
  • We carry a liability insurance exceeds $5 million
  • All our installation workers are WSIB covered
  • We produce self-ventilated, most efficient roofs across North America
  • Our raw materials go through roll-forming to convert them to modular panels instead of sampling.
  • Our steel sheet protection includes seven layers and a coat of baked polymer. We do not apply PVC or paint with Acrylic. 

Metal Roofing Pros:

 A metal roof is christened the forever roof for a good reason. It has unique qualities and more benefits compared to other types of materials.

  1. Exceptional durability and longevity: If you install your metal roof correctly, it will last 40 to 70 years just like your house and without regular maintenance.
  2. Lightweight: Metal is remarkably light compared to traditional roofing materials. You can install your new metal roof over an old one without enhancing the structural support.
  3. Adaptability: A metal roof will suit your home regardless of its architectural design. Metal roofing products can be adapted to suit even the most detailed design. You can also use metal for your low-pitched roof with no risk of leakage.
  4. Consistency: Unlike traditional materials that continually change color and style, metal remains consistent. You can still match the original designs and colors even after a roof modification.
  5. Reliability: If you choose other roofing materials, you must use sealants or adhesives to cover flashings, dead valleys and transitions. On metal roofing, you can cover the difficult sections using the same matching metal.
  6. Fire resistance: Metal roofing is nonflammable, does not ignite nor burn. It has a Class A fire resistance rating.
  7. Eco-friendly solution: Metal roofs are made from at least 25% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. They are also ideal for eco-friendly practices such as using solar panels and water harvesting.
  8. Energy efficiency: With a metal roof, you will save on energy costs because the metal reflects the sun’s rays away. This reflection makes your house cooler and reduces the need to use your cooling system.
  9. A broad range of style options: You can pick your preferred metal roofing style from different materials, shapes, colors and finishes that resemble different types of roofing materials. Metal roofing is also available in over 100 custom, premium and standard color options.
  10. Highest rain and snow shedding: Metal roof panels are slippery, hard and are interlocked during installation. The interlock makes the panels impervious to rain, ice or snow. Additionally, metal roofs with a darker tone warm up quite fast and melt the snow.
  11. Resistance to rodents, pests and wild animals: Once your metal roof is in place, rodents will not have any entry route to the attic.
  12. Resistance to mildew, fungus and moss: This 100% resistance makes metal roofing ideal if you live in a wooded area.

Try Our Metal Roofing Cost Calculator

Our roofing calculator can help you determine your estimated roofing costs. The calculator uses an easy three-step procedure.

Step 1: Indicate the total ground area covered by your house.

The total area is the product of the width and the length of your house. The short side is the width while the long side is the length.

Step 2: How many stories does your house have?

Pick the correct number of stories depending on the number of floors your house occupies. An entire house on one floor has one story while a house occupying two floors has two stories.

Step 3: Pick your roof’s slope.

Also known as the pitch, the slope can be high (steep), medium (average) or low. It is measured using the vertical increase against the corresponding horizontal distance. A steep slope increases 12 inches vertically matched to 12 inches it runs horizontally. An average slope has a 6-inch vertical increase against 12 inches of a horizontal run.

While estimating the roofing costs, the calculator excludes:

  • Required permits and taxes
  • Replacing weakened roofing systems
  • Standard of materials by different suppliers
  • Replacing worn out roofing structures
  • Costs associated with geographic location

Choose the Best Burlington Roofing Contractor

Finding the right Burlington roofing contractor is more than just comparing prices. You must consider several crucial factors before settling on one of the many roofing companies.

  1. Licenses 

A legitimate roofing company must be registered and licensed to operate legally. The contractor must have all the necessary permits and valid licenses from the building department. You can confirm the contractor’s licensing status from the town hall. Sometimes, the building authority checks the license automatically after you enter the contractor’s name on your license application. However, these checks may not always be carried out, especially for small jobs.

  1. Insurance and warranties

The roofing contractor must carry insurance coverage for their employees. The insurance covers employee injuries on your property. You also need to check the warranty provided by t the contractor. Some warranties include lifetime guarantees on installation and materials, others are customized for your needs, while some are limited to natural disasters.

  1. References

A recommendation by a neighbor, family, friend, or manufacturer of roofing materials is better than a random choice. Check reviews on the contractor’s website and portfolio. Ask for three or more references from the contractor. Bank references indicate the company’s financial health while references by suppliers indicate the quality of materials. Call other references to determine the contractor’s reputation by asking some questions:

  • Was the work satisfactory and on schedule?
  • How did the contractor handle emerging issues?
  • Were there hidden fees or extra work?
  • Would you contract that company again?
  1. Written contracts

The roofing company must have all agreements in writing. The document should detail the duration and scope of work. Confirm that everything you agreed is on the contract and ask about any missing information. Do not hire a contractor who gives verbal agreements.

  1. Skill and experience

Check the contractor’s references to confirm their level of job mastery, competency and experience on the installation requirements and process. A qualified contractor should provide detailed answers to all questions. He or she should assess your roof and provide an estimated cost before installation starts. Additionally, they should ask for an initial deposit below 80%. You should remit the balance when the work is done.

  1. Skilled installer and quality materials

Choose a company that has employees instead of one that relies on subcontractors. Company employees have more skill and experience and will offer quality installation. On the contrary, subcontractors are often hired on cheap rates and may lack the necessary skills or experience.

Additionally, contact suppliers and find out whether the contractor chooses top-notch, long lasting materials such as:

  • Concealed fasteners to prevent panel penetration
  • Starters and finishers that interlock
  • Top-quality sealants
  • Ice and rain water shields that protect the edges of the roof
  • Self-cleaning open valleys that eliminate ice buildup
  • Ridge vents
  • Plastic capped nails instead of staples on the woven underlayment
  • Energy-efficient, heat-reflecting finishes
  1. Manufacturer certification

Although it is not a requirement, roofing contractors with manufacturer certification may provide better services. Manufacturers offer specialized training to contractors on how to install the manufacturer’s materials properly. Once a contractor is certified, they can increase the manufacturer’s warranty and protect you against installation defects that may occur in future. 

Contact a Top Metal Roofs Consultant

Whether you need a new roof installed or an old one replaced, we top the list of Burlington roofing companies. We have numerous satisfied clients whose success stories testify to our expertise. Our services are unmatched, and we guarantee a roof that will last you a lifetime. Talk to us at 647-470-7161, and we will professionally handle all your metal roofing matters.