Metal Roofing Prices

Metal Roofing Prices and How to Choose the Right Roofing Material

How you perceive the investment you are making in your home will lay the foundation for your roofing choices. Metal roofing cost estimates will compare favorably when you consider several factors. This guide will help you to choose the right roofing material for your home, in the Toronto area.

Homeowners basically approach repairs, renovations and maintenance of their houses from 2 basic angles:

* Do everything as cheaply as possible. Quality is not really important, just the initial costs. They probably plan to move soon. And it seems like the property value is not likely to be impacted by any improvements they make.

* Consider quality and value in the equation. You see your home as a long-term investment. Even if you sell eventually, you can improve the value by making wise repair and renovation choices. You balance initial price with long-term value. You don’t choose the most expensive option all the time, but you do weigh the value vs price.

While there are many variables as you weigh the value vs price for metal roofing cost, here are some tips.

Metal Roofing Cost That Pays for Itself

Metal roofing uses multiple specialized layers of coatings that protect the roof and also reflect the heat of the sun. Heat gain in the attic reduces by up to 25%. As a result, you see significantly lowered energy bills and a far more comfortable, cooler summer home. In addition, metal roofs are absolutely ideal for collecting rainwater for your eco gardening, and work perfectly with solar-panels.

In the winter in Toronto, you need to consider the heavy snow falls and hail every year. A metal roof offers superb performance, reliability and durability in extreme weather conditions. Your metal roof even prevents the formation of ice dams. A warmer house in the winter, and lower heating costs make a metal roof an investment in your lifestyle.

Less heating and cooling energy is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature with a metal roof. Many metal roof owners are concerned about the impact of excessive fuel consumption on the environment.

FAQs – What Questions to Ask to Make Sure You Make the Right Choice

While the beauty of a metal roof is hard to beat, it is only one aspect of your decision. These are some of the questions we are regularly asked here at Top Metal Roofs.

How long does a metal roof last?

A quality metal roof, such as a standing seam or metal tile/shingles, lasts a lifetime. You never have to install a roof on your house again. Steel or aluminum shingles last for 50 yrs or longer, while zinc or copper roofs last over 100 years. Think of all of the lovely ancient castles in Europe with metal roofs that are hundreds of years old! A typical residential metal roof lasts up to 7X as long as typical roofs, which need replacing about every 15 years. Fortunately, the metal roofing cost is not 7X as much as typical roofs!

Look ahead 15 years. Do you want to have to replace your roof again, then?

Will it survive extreme weather like hurricanes, heavy snow falls, hail or wind storms?

Metal roofs are practical home protection. The metal roofing weathers winter storms, temperature changes, beating sun that melts asphalt, super Toronto hail, and heavy snowfalls. Metal roofs certainly offer the greatest protection from snow, ice, and ice dams. They actually shed snow and ice.

Your house is protected against hurricane level winds with a metal roof. Look for 175 to 260kph (110 to 160 mph) wind uplift ratings. In fact, FEMA recommends quality metal roofs in the areas prone to floods, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.

Check with your household insurance carrier. Many give discounts for houses with metal roofs.

Can existing roof framing take the weight of the metal roof?

Often a metal roof installs right over the old roof. Therefore, it eliminates extra costs and bother of tearing off shingles and their disposal. The standard structure is absolutely sufficient to carry the weight of the metal roofing system that Top Metal Roofs builds. By using the double strapping that we nail into the rafters, our metal roof actually reinforces the structure of the roof and doesn’t add weight to the plywood.

The metal is so light-weight that there is no problem with adding it to the current roofing material.

Is the roof slope important?

Yes, the roof slope can be important in some cases. The minimum slope is usually 3:12 or more. Some seam metal roof is fine to install on slopes of 2:12 or less. These are usually left for industrial or commercial buildings.

How will it look with the style of my house?

Metal shingles are now made in many colors and styles. You can choose from glossy and matte finishes, too. No matter the style of your house, there is a metal roof that enhances the exterior appearance.

What metals are used? Are they eco-friendly or recyclable?

A metal roof uses a steel or aluminum sheet with a zinc coating, plus several other protective layers of other materials.

Metal roofing is a true eco-friendly material, because:

* Low level of resources used during manufacturing

* Contains no petroleum by-products

* May contain from 30 to 60% recycled metal content

* 100% recyclable, never ending up in the landfill

There is minimal metal roofing cost to the environment, as it lowers energy use, and is 100% recyclable.

What times of the year can a metal roof be installed?

For many homeowners, planning the replacement of your roof happens months in advance. For others, it is a more short term project. If you have a leak, you won’t have much choice. If you can choose your timing, here are some tips.

In the Fall

Most roof repairs and replacements happen in the fall. This is the time of year homeowners begin to look forward into the Toronto winter. You don’t want to go through the winter with a roof that is inadequate. Therefore, this is the busiest season for roofers. If you want to minimize your wait time, and your metal roofing cost, make your appointment as soon as you can.

In the Spring

Spring is the second busiest time of year in the roofing industry. Spring clean-ups and property inspections mean homeowners look forward to the summer season, and want to prepare. You can take advantage of the milder temperatures with a new metal roof in the spring.

In the Summer

The summer is not as busy as the spring or fall for the roofing industry. You will find relatively short wait times as we are happy to install your metal roof in the summer.

In the Winter

Just because it gets cold, doesn’t mean you can’t have a new metal roof. Wait times can become non-existent, so you get a new roof within a couple of weeks.

Yes. Even in Toronto. You can certainly install a metal roof in the winter. Weather permitting, of course.

Finally, what is the metal roofing cost and how does it compare to other options?

Metal offers a significant return on investment. Most real estate agents in the Toronto area tell us the value recouped at sale is more than 80% of the original metal roof cost. In some of the more prestigious neighborhoods it is even higher. The combination of striking exterior appearance, and knowing they never need to re-roof, a metal roof is powerful motivation for home buyers.

What Contributes to the Metal Roof Cost

While the type of roof you choose contributes to cost, there are aspects of your house that make a difference. If your house has several chimneys, dormers, turrets, vent pipes, intersecting roof lines, or skylights it will cost more. Then again, it will cost more, no matter what style of roofing you choose.

Also, it is an ideal time to examine the existing structure of your roof. So, if repairs are necessary, that will need to be considered. Certainly, you would make these repairs no matter what type of roof you choose.

In Summary

Ultimately, the metal roofing cost is initially higher than the other, more temporary roof options. As a homeowner you will need to weigh the price vs value equation for yourself. A permanent metal roof does require a higher initial investment. But it directly pays for itself over time, in lower energy costs. Intrinsic values like collecting rainwater, using a recyclable material, higher resale value and saving the environment are harder to measure. Lower insurance rates, safety during extreme weather and the stunning appearance add up, too. We hope you will join us at Top Metal Roofs in a discussion about how your home would benefit with a high quality metal roof.