Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Why metal roofs?

It’s your home, and therefore your point of safety. Why compromise that? The metal roofs of your home protects you and your family from the outside world which often carries rain, snow, wind, cold, and other extremities with it. If you want a safe and livable home, then you’re going to want to make sure that your roof is constructed with precision and with the most innovative and durable materials. TOP METAL ROOFS in Toronto is a metal roofing company who firmly believes that metal roofs are the best and safest option for your home. Why? Well, we have quite a few reasons.

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    Most traditional homes were built using asphalt shingles, and that’s what we’re used to. However, just because we’re used to something doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily better. Lately, metal roofing has been making waves in the construction industry, proving itself as a force that shouldn’t be reckoned with. Toronto, a progressive Canadian city who has been taking the initiative to be cleaner and more sustainable, has been latching onto this roofing style. Sometimes, change is good. If you’re a construction company building in the area or a homeowner who needs a new roof, then you may want to say farewell to traditional asphalt. Here’s why we think you should choose metal roofing.

    More and more people in Canada and Toronto have been turning towards metal roofs because they offer optimal weather protection and an aesthetic that can’t be beat. Did we mention that they last for decades? Unlike other roofing materials that can’t withstand the wear and tear brought on by weather, metal roofs dazzle year round without so much as needing a repair after a thunderstorm or blizzard. In addition to superior protection, metal roofs are environmentally friendlier as they’re made with recycled material and can help keep your home climate controlled.

    TOP METAL ROOFS offers a variety of roofing services to the Toronto area such as commercial metal roof installations, residential metal roof installations, skylights, sun tubes, and gutter cleaning! We’re more than happy to work with you to design and plan out a project regardless of how ambitious it may seem. Whether you’re making the transition from a roof made out of traditional shingles or you’re finishing up a new construction, our metal roofing company is up to the challenge. We know that metal roofs are better, and we’re willing to work with you so that you could experience the benefits for years to come.

    Our metal roofing company guarantees that if you choose us to be your contractor, you’ll receive a roof that looks fantastic and that lasts for years. This we can guarantee. Please browse our website and contact us to start your roofing project.

    Want to know why Metal Roofs last longer?

    So many metal roofs to choose from!

    Like we mentioned above, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to your roof. Boring isn’t an option for our roofing company and we’ll work with you and preferences so that you could have the best roof possible! What’s great about metal roofing is that it resembles traditional styles, giving your home’s aesthetic a clean and classic look with extra durability. Here are some of the most popular metal roofing styles that mimic those made of asphalt:

    Slate: Clean and symmetrical, slate tiles line together to form a flat looking surface and is more refined. More traditional style homes opt for slate tiles for their pristine aesthetic.

    Bond Tile: Bond tile roofing is more rigid compared to its slate counterpart, molding to give off a wave life structure. Traditional tiles are normally more difficult to produce and maintain, but the metal structure makes up for those pitfalls.

    Shake: Shake roofing is traditionally made out of wood, but try keeping wood looking clean and new while it’s constantly being pelted with rain and snow. Because metal is so malleable, it’s easy to mold it to resemble the natural look that shake shingles offer. And it will last a heck of alot longer!

    Grande: Grande style isn’t a whole lot different from bond tile. However, grande roofing tends to have a bit more of a wave to it, giving it a European-esque look. You’ll usually see grande roofing on Spanish and southern style homes.

    Not convinced about metal roofing?

    Trapeze: Trapeze roofing is a bit more contemporary when compared to slate and bond styles, but has nonetheless proven itself as a style to be reckoned with. Trapeze roofing is often slanted downwards and having longevity. If you’re in an area that’s known for snowstorms, the trapeze tiles prompt the snow to slide off instead of sticking.

    Modular: Modular is vague, but to TOP METAL ROOFS, modular means unique. With the abstract form of the tiles that fit together like a tile, modular panels give off a more modern look that doesn’t look too out of the ordinary. Want a home with a durable and nuanced roof, go the modular route.

    Of course, these aren’t the only roofing styles that TOP METAL ROOFS offers to Toronto homeowners. We offer a variety of styles for both residential and commercial metal roofs! We’re also at the ready to work with your color preferences. Perhaps you want a more traditional grey roof or a chic red one, our metal roofing company is excited to help your vision come true!


    Improvements for your Toronto metal roof

    What’s even more special about metal roofing, past everything that we’ve already mentioned, is that there are numerous ways to improve the overall construction. TOP METAL ROOFS understands the metal roofing industry and we’re well in tune with all of the additions and accessories that could improve the quality of both the roof and living within the household. Whether you’re looking for something to spruce up the roof, let in more natural light, or keep maintenance at a low during the winter, our metal roofing company likely has a solution. Here are some services that we offer in addition to metal roof installations.

    Innovative Underlayments

    In order to make sure that your roof truly is protecting your home against the elements, you’ll want to have a high-quality underlayment beneath your roof. Most metal roofing contractors nowadays will utilize synthetic materials instead of traditional felt. The two underlayments that we’ll turn to are titanium and RhinoRoof, for sloped roofs. These two offer superior protection in the face of storms and inclement weather.


    Depending on the design of your roof, the type of vent accessory is going to vary. In the summer, especially in Toronto which errs on the humid side, heat and condensation tend to become trapped inside of the building. Installing a ridge vent into the metal roof can help keep your home cool and comfortable.

    Snow Stoppers

    A little bit of snow isn’t harmful, until it hardens into ice and falls on somebody’s head. Snow stopper is a device installed onto your metal roof that prevents snow and ice from falling onto people as they walk in and out of the home. In Toronto, where winters are far from mild, these devices offer an additional layer of safety.


    Sure, the accessories aforementioned are installed for practical reasons, but sometimes you need a little extra something to top off the project. Our metal roofing company offers trim accessories for an added touch to your roof’s end design.


    Extra Brightness

    Light bulbs are practical, but they’re not nearly as beneficial as natural light. While roofs are great, they block out the sun….obviously. However, that doesn’t mean that natural light isn’t an option! TOP METAL ROOFS offers two solutions for extra brightness in the home:

    Skylights: Skylights are installed directly on the roof, similar to a window. Our metal roofing company uses acrylic glass which allows sunlight to seep into the home without letting heat escape. A skylight gives an added touch of natural light, so the need for electricity dissipates when you don’t turn the lights on as often!

    Sun tubes: Sun tubes, contrary to skylights atop the roof, are installed on the periphery without affecting the structure of the home. These tubes funnel light inside, brightening up the interior of the home sans electricity! Best of all, you won’t even notice that it’s there.

    TOP METAL ROOFS would be more than happy to install any of these accessories! We’re experienced in all things related to metal roofing, and we promise that all of these installations are helpful and can be implemented easily. If you already have a metal roof or you’re thinking about scheduling an installation, give us a call today!

    But why top metal roofs?

    We’re not going to lie, there are quite a few metal roofing companies in Toronto who offer similar services. However, we’re adamant that we’re the one worth your time. Why? Well, we have a few reasons!

    50 Year Warranty

    We’re positive that our roofs will last a lifetime, and to prove it, we offer all installations with a 50-year warranty. Although these roofs are built and proven to last, things happen that can compromise your roof’s integrity. When this happens, you’ll have a warranty guarding your back.

    Commitment to Customer Service

    We’re committed to our roofs, and therefore we’re committed to our clients. Home’s are special and we understand the investment that’s put towards them. The roof shouldn’t fall short of anything less than perfect, and we’re willing to work with you to make sure that your roof is the best it could possibly be.

    Largest Sheet Overlap in North America

    Yes, you heard us right. Our sheets are laid at a four-inch overlap, which is actually the largest in North America. A longer overlap adds protection and prevents wear and tear, as well as leaks!

    High Content of Non-Recycled Material

    We only get one planet, so we better take care of it. Most metal roofs are constructed out of recycled materials, but we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that our roofs are primarily designed with new steel with an added touch of recyclables. You can be confident that the roof over your home is Earth-friendly and durable.

    Have a Roofing Project in mind?

    Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Certified

    Hiring contractors who aren’t licensed and insured can leave you in trouble if something happens. If they happen to injure themselves and they’re not insured, you’re liable for the accident. Not only are all of our employees WSIP certified, but they’re trained to pay close attention to safety and details. That way, in the unfortunate event that an accident happens on the job, you won’t be taken to court.

    Extremely Efficient

    One of the most beneficial aspects of a metal roof is that they up the efficiency of your home by nature of existing. They’re well ventilated and keep homes climate controlled across seasons. With a metal roof from TOP METAL ROOFS, you’ll be saving hundreds on utilities each year.

    We’re Passionate About Our Work

    Many people choose to go into metal roofing because it’s a profitable business. As the benefits become more well-known, more and more people are turning from traditional asphalt and towards metal roofing. TOP METAL ROOFS chose metal roofing because we truly believe that it’s superior and that homeowners of Toronto deserve only the best. Metal roofs are more efficient and produce less waste, making sure that the city sustains its clean and wonderful aesthetic for years.

    If you want to learn more about TOP METAL ROOFS and our values as a company, be sure to check out our page that further discusses why we’re special. Additionally, we’d be more than happy to work with you and provide you with the best metal roof around! Call us today for a consultation!