T18 Sinus Corrugated Sheet

T18 Sinus Corrugated Sheets for Metal Roofing

Product Description

T18 corrugated sheet metal is used for roofs, and interior and exterior walls during construction and refurbishment of agricultural, industrial and civil buildings. It is the ultimate choice for low-budget, aesthetically demanding buildings with a short construction time frame.

Product Specifications

  • The nominal thickness of T18 sinus corrugated sheets ranges from 0.3 – 1.5 mm, and is determined by the construction specifications
  • The standard module length is 0.500 – 13.5 m. Module lengths that vary from the standard can be engineered after consultations with Top Metals Roofs technical experts.
  • 6 matt and glossy roofing color options

Technical Specifications

Material Steel sheet metals, both sides are galvanized, protected with polyester
Nominal thickness 0.4 – 1 mm
Total width 1100 mm
Useful width 1060 mm
Corrugation height 35 mm
Surface weight per unit 3 – 12.5 kg/m2
Finishing guarantee 30 years guaranteed for corrosion and color features
Metal guarantee 50 years guaranteed for elements of corrosion and color