T8 Corrugated Roofing Sheets

T8 Corrugated Sheets

T8 corrugated sheet is made from steel, galvanized on each side and protected using polyester. It is mainly used for ceilings, fences and facades but can also be installed as a roof covering.

Product Specifications

  • Nominal thickness: 0.3 – 0.55 mm depending on the specific construction.
  • Standard length of modules: 0.500 – 13.5 m. Modules of other lengths can be produced after discussions with Top Metals Roofs consultants.
  • Colors available: 6 options of matt and glossy


  • Long lifespan
  • Easy installation requiring few supporting elements
  • Light-weight, does not overload the foundation
  • Weather resistant and functions well over time

Technical Specifications:

Material Steel sheet, galvanized on each side, protected using polyester
Nominal thickness 0.4 – 1 mm
Total width 1100 mm
Useful width covering 1060 mm
Height of corrugation 35 mm
Surface weight 3 – 12.5 kg/m2
Guarantee for finishing Color and corrosion features guaranteed for 30 years
Metal Warranty 50 years on corrosion and color attributes

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