Trapeze Sheet

Trapeze Sheets for Metal Roofing

Product Description

Trapeze sheet is manufactured using steel, both sides are galvanized and baked polyester provides protection. Its durability and rigidity make it suitable for gates, fences, and elevations of residential houses, and industrial and commercial buildings. It is also suitable for cottages and farms. Trapeze sheet can be laid vertically, diagonally or horizontally making it a great alternative to standing seam roofing.

Product Specifications

  • The modules have a standard length ranging from 0.500 – 13.5 m. Modules with lengths not within the range can be produced after deliberations with technical masters at Top Metal Roofs.
  • Trapeze sheet is available in 6 colors.

Technical Specifications

MaterialSteel, sheet metal with each side galvanized, polyester used for protection
Nominal thickness0.4 – 1 mm
Total width1100 mm
Useful width covering1060 mm
Height of corrugation35 mm
Surface weight3 – 12.5 kg/m2
Finishing warrantyCorrosion and color properties guaranteed for 30 years
Metal Warranty50 years for corrosion and color properties

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