Metal Roofing Success Stories

Success Story 1

The 2nd major roof renovation step is now complete. From a large crooked and wavy roof has become a harmonious new roof. Nearly 850 square meters were covered with the roof panels.

These were labor-intensive days with many unexpected surprises. But it was like a big family, everyone got involved and without much discussion the work was done. Under the motto, working together, enjoying together. The whole company, from the planning, calculation and execution, we can only recommend.

For roofs requiring renovation with an old roof truss, there is currently no better alternative than Top Metal Roofs Inc, because the roof load with roof tiles made of clay or concrete is not to be underestimated for old roof trusses.

We wholeheartedly wish the Top Metal Roofs Inc and entire team health, happiness, happiness and that they do not lose their customer-friendly nature.

Success Story 2

We would like to join the series of satisfied customers of the company Top Metal Roofs Inc.

Our thanks to John, starting from the first consultation over the immediately sent complete offer up to the problem-free metal roofing solution and for their solid, prudent and swift work on our 30-year-old roof. With professionalism, humor and, they gave our roof a super-outfit.

Our enthusiasm continues and we can recommend this service with a clear conscience. Thank you again.

We wish you continued success, fun at work and health.

Success Story 3

Our 33 year old shingled roof on the outbuilding was leaking and had to be renovated.

Since the roof renewed by roofers 2 years ago on our house was very expensive, I searched the roofing solution that is cost effective. I searched on the Internet for experiences Meta roofing contractor

Here I noticed the website of the company Top Meta Roofing Inc. The homepage is professional, the posts are very understandable and the photos and videos are self-explanatory.

Already in the first phone call, John confirmed to be able to realize the roof renovation himself. All my written and telephone inquiries about the product and the technology answered promptly and in detail.

The statements of satisfied customers, especially for the help and care of John, convinced me.

I decided to hire John for my roofing solution.

The installation and the roof renovation result is admired in the neighborhood and by all visitors.

I can recommend John from Top Metal Roofing Inc to all potential builders and home owners.

John is an absolute expert. He was always available with good advice and special tips. Since the customers praised this in front of me, he will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks again, we would like to recommend you and your company and wish you and your company all the best.

Success Story 4

My problem: is the old leaking roof, sightly demaged roof by the strong wind and a difficult roof construction.

The solution: In the internet I found the site of After a first telephone call, I was immediately impressed by the competent, professional advice. The right offer I got very quickly, just as quickly I have awarded the contract.

The result: Everything was right from the beginning. Now the new roof has been finished. We are completely thrilled! The boys worked very well and quickly. In less than a week, the whole thing was done. The result is impressive.

Thank you for the good work and the nice contact. in such a short time, a perfectly great roof to install. Excellent!

Success Story 5

Our 26-year-old shingle roof was to be renovated and after long searches on the Internet, we came across the company Top Metal Roofs Inc.

His product has promised us immediately and we looked at everything in his warehouse on site and were thrilled.

We chose red (high gloss). John’s assembly aid / laying instructions are detailed and understandable.

We had some tricky work ahead of us. Replacing the roof and roof battens, changing roof windows, chimney cowls, etc. In addition, our old roof was “crooked”. It was not easy, but John is an absolute expert and was always available with good advice and special tips.

The roof has become exactly as we had imagined! It looks great!

Thanks again for the work and support, we can highly recommend you and your company and wish all the best for your company.

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Success Story 6

Actually, I would like to give less feedback about price-performance, quality or speed of execution – to any of these points, I have something to suspend; in a sense, of course, because that’s my basic expectation.

However, what impressed me was the attitude of all involved and the proximity to the customer. Starting with extremely short response times (I think I’ve never waited more than half a day for an email or a call back) – I always felt that “my roof” was the most important project in that Moment was.

If you renovate an old roof, problems are inevitable in some way – here a rotten board, as a crooked beam, the gutter, which is no longer in flight … etc.

The peace and professionalism with which you have not seen the problems, but the solutions have always been very reassuring for me.

Many thanks to Top Metal Roofs Team on site and for the preparation and support of the construction project.

We are really happy with our new roof.

Success Story 7

After many searches and many offers at various roofers, we came across the company Top Metal Roofs Inc with their unique work style.

The roof is finished, the material has been processed very well.

John did everything including the dimensions of the roof, he was able to calculate exactly what the material and installation costs from the roof.

John has quickly and professionally created the planning. Everything went exactly according to plan. We are very satisfied!!!

John is a very pleasant business partner. The roof system actually only has advantages. It is much lighter than roof tiles, which minimizes unnecessary load on the roof truss.

We can wholeheartedly recommend the company Top Metal Roofs Inc to anyone considering the idea of a new roof. It has become exactly as we had imagined!

The roof looks great! Everyone considers it a tile roofing.

Thanks again for the complete execution, we can only recommend your company.

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Success Story 8

After much deliberation and planning, we found the metal roof professionals over the internet.

We looked for our barn roof, a light and beautiful roofing that must fit our restored courtyard. After numerous proposals and offers from local companies, we came to the decision, it must be a lightweight construction.

Everyone in our environment was skeptical to handle. But we have to say that planning and execution were realistic, professional and serious. The executive team are really artisan miners with humor and expertise. People from the normal life can work and enjoy. John in the background was always reachable to solve problems immediately. The work was watched curiously in my neighborhood and aroused strong interest.

The workmanship was very well described and very easy to handle. Even with simple means like tin snips and jigsaw, practically everything was very good. Even a tricky spot could be solved very well.

We think that we will renew more roofs of our yard in the same stalk.

In short, great team, nice people and exemplary transaction.

Here are a few photos that show the result and impressively underpinned by the neighborhood

I am absolutely satisfied with the material, the result and, of course, the work. 😉

Success Story 9

Our house has needed a new roof but the roofer prices in Toronto are not affordable for me, so I decided to search the Internet for a cost effective solution. After much research, we decided for a metal roof by Top Metal Roofs inc. The reasons were:

– Fast, detailed, clean quotation

– Convincing price / performance ratio

– Ideal product features

– Very friendly and competent service

– Very good references

– Flexibility even for special topics (request for additional insulation, old roofing was still covered with asbestos-containing Eternit and had to be disposed of accordingly)

The new roof is on, looks very good and also the site was left sparkling clean.

Conclusion: We are very satisfied and would recommend John’s Top Metal Roofs Inc.

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Success Story 10

At the start of construction we could not imagine that our roof would actually be that great. The skepticism subsided but already after the first construction day. As perfect as the advice and the offer preparation was, so it went on in the practical on the roof. We were delighted to have found a team that was so committed, enthusiastic, and high-perfected to embark on such a big project. After all, a roof area of 510 square meters was to be renewed.

Despite the great deal of work, it was always harmoniously approached on the construction site; Constructive cooperation with other trades was no problem for John.

We can quietly recommend John’s Top Metal Roofs Inc to anyone considering the idea of a new roof. A great price-performance ratio and a perfect realization of our wishes.

The Top Metal Roofs Inc, we can only recommend to take a closer look at the material, we absolutely swear and will gladly recommend it to all.

Thank you for the impeccable, friendly cooperation.