Metal Roof Bold TILE

Bold Tile

Bold metal tile is a durable, elegant product manufactured using advanced equipment and technology. It is available in 6 shades and a standard length of between 500 – 7000 mm.

It is mainly used in renovating buildings. It combines an old appearance with a new look to produce a sense of classic preservation. Covering a heritage building with bold tile highlights its architectural beauty and protects it from weather conditions.

Technical Features

Material Steel sheets, galvanized on two sides, protected with polyester
Standard thickness 0.45
Total width 1180 mm
Functional width 1080 mm
Length of module 350/ 400 mm
Total height 62 mm
Weight per unit area 4 – 5 kg/m2
Minimum slope 140 if diagonal joints are required, 80 if none are required
Warranty on finish 35 years for corrosion and aspects of color
Warranty on metal 50 years for corrosion and color features
Estimated lifespan 50 – 60 – year roof guarantee and resistance to variations in temperature

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