Metal Roof Romanic Tile

Romanic Tiles

Romanic tiles are steel sheets between 0.50 and 0.60 mm thick. They are zinc-plated (Z225-Z275) and coated with a layer of matte or glossy paint. The most outstanding feature is the high 30 mm profile. They are manufactured in lengths of between 500 – 7000 mm and 29 color shades.

Romanic metallic tiles can be used for new buildings due to their durability and style. They can also be used on roman-style buildings and historic monuments that are centuries old.


Technical Attributes of Romanic Tiles

Material Steel sheet, zinc-plated on each side, polyester protective coating
Ordinary thickness 0.5 – 0.6 mm
Total width 1140 mm
Viable width 1020 mm
Length of modules 350 – 400 mm
Total height 62 mm
Weight per area 4 – 5 kg/m2
Minimum slope 140 or 80 for roofs with or without diagonal joints respectively
Finish guarantee 30-year guarantee for color attributes and corrosion
Metal guarantee 30-year guarantee for corrosion and color elements
Estimated Lifespan 50-60 years roof life, resistance to temperature variations

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