Tips to Maintain Your Metal Roof

Tips to Maintain Your Metal Roof

Though metal roofs provide a guaranteed lifetime span, metal panels must be maintained in order to maximize their longevity. They can last 60 years on average, simply put, a lifetime! how to install metal roofing

Metals panels are designed to last longer and withstand adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow and debris hand hailstones. It is important therefore that maintenance is conducted to prevent and correct any issues as they arise.

There are factors that you need to put into consideration when determining the type of maintenance that you should conduct on your metal roof. These include

  • The system design- this is very important as different designs are maintained differently. If you have shingles, flat seam panels, interlocking panels, or standing seam designs, it is important to note all are maintained differently.
  • Metal type- the metal type is something else to consider. If you are using steel, it is prone to oxidization requiring routine inspection for rust.
  • The type of system- there are two types, architectural metal roofing, and structural metal roofing. Architectural metal roofing comprises of thinner metals and is often installed directly on the roof decking. Structural metal roofing, on the other hand, is made of thicker material and is designed to be part of the building structure.

We have put together a few tips for you that can help you maintain your metal roof.

Remove any debris on your roof

Over time, debris such as branches and leaves are bound to accumulate on your roof and most especially if your roof is under lots of foliage. This accumulation can lead to damage to your roof. You should, therefore, ensure that debris does not accumulate on your roof by constantly checking your roof and brushing that away. Clean out the gutters as well to reduce wear and tear that can eventually affect your metal roof. Also, ensure that there are minimum tree cover and foliage which reduces the amount of debris that is likely to accumulate on your roof.

Ensure regular check-up

You must have your metal roof inspected at least twice a year after every severe weather conditions. You should be careful about how you do this. It is recommended that you get a professional roofer to inspect on your behalf. You should check out for the following while conducting the inspection.

  • Has your roof been damaged by snow or hailstorms? This can be identified through ice-dams and leakage from your roof.
  • Are there signs of rust or corrosion?
  • Are there any sealant failures. These can be identified through peeling or flaking sealants
  • Are the fasteners missing? It is important to check with your manufacturer on when you should replace your fasteners as they have a limited lifetime use.
  • Is there any movement distress in the panels and fasteners?

Conduct repairs

Once you have conducted an inspection and identified underlying issues, the next step would be to repair your metal roof. For issues caused by expansion and contraction such as seams and holes or broken gaskets, you can fix this by replacing the fasteners and use sealants.

When working with screws, you should use washers or gaskets. Repair small holes with a bit of cement and solder a metal on a bigger hole.

Corrosion and rust call for a change of the metal panel especially if this covers a large area.

Clean off the dirt, mildew, and stains.

Ensure there is no dirt on your roof if you would like to extend the life of your roof. It is important to follow strict guidelines such as using the right detergents and cleaning products to maintain your metal roofing panels.

Ensure other metals do not come into contact with your metal panels.

You should ensure other metals do not come into contact with your metal roofing panels. This is because such interaction can lead to degradation and staining. Galvalume when in contact

with copper and water can lead to galvanic corrosion.

Why it is important to maintain your metal roof.

To prevent problems before they occur.

If you have ever experienced any roofing problems you know how things can get out of control fast if your roof is not fixed. Roofing problems can lead to damage to your property and unprecedented costs for repair which can be pretty expensive. Potential problems in metal roofing include leaking, dents, scuffing, scratches, degradation, and corrosion of your roof panels.

Regular maintenance should work great on your roof and help you spot potential issues before they happen.

To prolong the longevity of your roofing metal.

Metal roofing, in essence, is supposed to last your lifetime though just like many products, it requires regular maintenance. Work with a roofing expert and schedule regular maintenance for your roof. this will help prolong its lifespan by correcting any potential problems.

For aesthetics for your home/business

Apart from making sure that your metal roof is protected from damage, it is important to maintain its aesthetics as it creates a big impression of our homes and businesses. Maintaining it ensures that you get value for your money.

Myths about metal roofs

  • They are costly. This is a long term investment as they last longer under low maintenance thus saving on the cost
  • They are more likely to be struck by lighting
  • Metal roofs can easily be dented. This is untrue as they are designed to be durable and to last you a lifetime. This means they can withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Metal roofs cause destruction( noise) during the rain. This is also untrue as they are usually installed over a roof deck.

If you have been looking for tips to maintain your metal roof, we hope that this article provided you with insights into how. We are a call away if you need any assistance from a professional for any metal roofing needs, from installations, repairs, and expert advice. Our team of experts will guide you to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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