How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected? 

How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected? 

Though roofs protect us from elements such as rain, wind, sun, and snow, more often than not it is easy to overlook them and not check on their condition. The fact that the roof protects you from these elements means that you should pay attention to its condition. Do you have a traditional asphalt roof for your home? Have you been looking for information on how often you should have your roof inspected? Look no further, this article highlights some of the pointers that can guide you while deciding with regards to roof inspection. How Much is a New Metal Roof

Having your roof inspected is important in ensuring that it can last you longer. Inspecting it yourself or having an expert do that for you is recommended. The National Roofing contractors recommend checking your roof at least twice a year. Following this recommendation can help prevent minor damage to your roof, leaks into your house, and damage to the interior of your home which eventually can save you on the money.

There are however different factors that can call for an inspection. These include

  • What your roof has been exposed and the level of exposure
  • The material that your roof is composed of, is it a metal roof or asphalt?
  • Signs of damage

Should you hire an expert to inspect your roof or do it yourself?

There is nothing wrong about inspecting your roof yourself as you can detect issues early enough. However, getting an expert to do it for you might be the best route for you. This is because most roofing product warranties can be voided if you do not get a professional to inspect for you.

How often should you have your roof inspected?

As earlier pointed out, this should be done at least twice a year or during the following circumstances.

  • After major weather events, these include during high winds or hailstorms
  • Just before winter- this is very important and should be done before the onset of the season. Once the season is over, you need to conduct another inspection to ensure that there is no damage to your roof.

Conducting a DIY Inspection? Here is a checklist for you.

While conducting a DIY inspection, you can use binoculars though the most effective method is to climb on a ladder. It is important to note that you need safety gear and equipment. Avoid putting yourself at risk by walking on the roof in case of heavy damage to the roof. Use your ladder to get to different points of the roof while conducting the inspection.

Here are the things you need to look out for.

  • Are there missing or broken shingles?
  • Is the chimney cap damaged or missing?
  • Are the gutters rusted or cracked?
  • Are there visible patches of moss and lichen?
  • Are the shingles blistered or cracked?
  • Curling caulk or sealant.
  • A missing chimney cap
  • Tree branches on your roof
  • If you have an asphalt roof, how are the gutter granules? If there is a loss of granules, this can mean that your shingles are damaged.

What are the advantages of having a roofing expert inspect for you?

Avoiding unnecessary costs

Working with a roofing professional for your inspection will ensure that you do not incur other issues as they get right into solving the problem for you. Because they are experienced, they will be quick to point out areas that need to be fixed which will eventually minimize costs for you in the long run. An experienced roofer will also provide you with quality workmanship to stand the test of time.

They conduct a thorough inspection

A professional roofer should be in a position to thoroughly inspect your roof and provide repairs and recommendations on what needs to be done in case you needed a new roof.

They help with the process of an insurance claim.

A professional will provide insights on what needs to be done on your roof as well as help you prepare the insurance claim.

Help minimize the risk of getting injured

A professional roofer knows their way around inspection. They will come prepared with the right equipment and safety gear. This helps minimize the risk of incurring an injury if you had decided to do the inspection yourself.

You get to experience peace of mind

When you allow a professional to handle the work for you, it comes with peace of mind. Since they are experienced in handling roofing issues, you are guaranteed of getting great services and that your roof can last you a little bit longer after an inspection.

A legitimate roofing professional should not charge for inspection.

A legitimate roofer can offer the inspection services for absolutely no fee! When searching for a professional to perform an inspection on your roof, you must ask if they can do that for you for free. After all, who does not want freebies?

Do not overlook the need to inspect your roof as recommended and when there is a need. In the same breath you should for an oil change for your car, it is equally important that you do the same for your roof. Regularly check your roof in case of damage and work with a professional in the field to help you out.

It is also important to note that metal roofs require little to no maintenance, unlike asphalt roofs. When you buy a metal roof, you are guaranteed up to 60 years of efficiency and less damage and maintenance on your end making them a great bargain for you. At Top Metal Roofs, we offer quality metal roofing solutions for commercial residences and homeowners. Let us know if you would like a metal roof installation.

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