Save the Planet With Eco Metal Roofing

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Save the Planet With Eco Metal Roofing

Eco Friendly Metal Roofing

How metal roofs are environmentally-friendly

It’s 2018 and the planet’s inhabitants need to make better efforts towards conserving what they have if they want it to be a livable environment. Humans have been attempting to conserve resources and reduce waste in a variety of ways. We’ve seen electrical vehicles pop up on the market, entire countries declare their “fuel-free” plans, and households make valiant attempts to recycle and compost. One method of going green that less well-known is metal roofs. Yes, you heard us right.

Conventional roofs made from shingles are wasteful and not very insulating. They need to be replaced somewhat frequently and when that happens, an entire roof is tossed into the landfill. Metal roofs offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to shingles for quite a few reasons. If you’re environmentally-conscious yet care about the look of your home, we recommend going the metal roof route.

Metal roofs are better at insulating

Canada is known for its bitter winters. However, that doesn’t mean that our summers aren’t just as brutal. Toronto experiences hot and humid summers. If you’re a homeowner, then you’re probably well aware of how your energy bill skyrockets during the summer months because of having to run the air conditioner all day and night. Asphalt shingles absorb the infrared, or heat, energy from the sun, making your home warmer than it should be. The galvanized steel and coatings that make up metal roofs reflect the heat rather than absorb it. The cooler your home is naturally, the less you’re going to have to run the A/C.

Air conditioning costs can add up, climbing to over $100 a month in some cases. If you’re environmentally and wallet conscious, installing a metal roof is going to be in your best interest!

Metal roofs produce less waste

Think about it. With traditional roofs, you have to have them replaced every 12-15 years. Additionally, roofs aren’t a small piece of your home. When you replace them, you have to discard the old shingles and linings in order to make room for the new. That’s an entire top of a home just tossed into a landfill. Yes, you can recycle shingles technically, but how many contractors would rather scope out a recycling facility than throw the old shingles into a dumpster? We don’t have the numbers, but what we do know is that metal roofs rarely need to be replaced. Yep, that means that the waste from roof replacements is made obsolete when you install a metal roof. Saving the planet has never been so hands-off!

The materials in metal roofs are partially recycled

Metal roofs are composed of partially recycled materials! When you have your roof installed, you can take solace in how sustainability-conscious the construction process was. Because these roofs are made from recycled materials, less waste was sent to the landfill where it would sit for decades. Steel isn’t a material that decomposes easily. Metal roofs help reduce how much waste is produced both because they don’t require replacements and because they are made of materials that have previously been used.

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Metal roof accessories bring in more natural light

Additions to metal roofs, including skylights and sun tubes, draw in more natural light during the day time. When there’s more natural light illuminating the rooms, people don’t need to flick on the lights as often. Less electricity means less energy usage, and less energy usage means a happier planet!

The health of the Earth is a priority to Top Metal Roofs and it’s one of the many reasons why we urge people to choose metal roofs! If you’re in the Toronto area, considering making the change today. We promise that you’ll be happy with your decision for years to come! Call Top Metal Roofs today for an appointment!

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