Ways to Save on Heat this Winter


Ways to Save on Heat this Winter

Here are a few tips for saving energy throughout the winter

Winter has officially arrived in Toronto, and you know what that means: frigid and dry weather. Heating is absolutely necessary for any Canadian household, and most in Toronto rely on gas and electricity to keep the home toasty through the winter months. Unfortunately, heating isn’t the cheapest expense, and the costs could add up. Top Construction specializes in metal roofs that are more environmentally friendly for several reasons, including insulation. By nature, we’re pretty passionate about doing our role in helping out the environment. Since the cold is officially upon us, we thought we’d discuss some ways to save on energy.

Try a metal roof

This isn’t the simplest solution, but it’s pretty effective. If you’re in the market for a new roof because a) you’re finishing up a house or b) your roof needs to be replaced, then you might as well choose a metal one. Metal roofs are naturally better at insulating the home because less heat or air will escape. Heat rises, and a metal roof prevents the heat from escaping through the top. Year after year, you’ll lose less heat and thus pay less money on heating costs.

Smart thermostats

Long past are the days when you’d have to wait until the house felt just warm enough before you’d go over and turn the heater off manually. Smart thermostats are the new wave of efficiency because they do this for you, and much better. You set the thermostat at where you want the temperature to be, and voila! It detects the current temperature and adjusts accordingly. If it hits the designated temperature, it turns off. If it dips below, it powers on. This saves more energy than you might think, and your wallet will be much happier.

Fix up insulation

An insulated home is an efficient home! Every few years, you should have the insulation around your home updated, especially in places like the attic. Insulation keeps the home’s temperature stable by preventing either warm or cool air from escaping into the atmosphere.

In addition to insulating the entire home, you should also insulate the windows. Protective films exist that prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering. These films are normally inexpensive and easy to install; the payoff is huge for it, too!

Replace furnace filters

Realistically, you should replace your furnace filter at least twice a year, and even more if the furnace is being used very often. Particles get caught in the furnace filter as it runs, and after some time, the filter becomes saturated with dust and dirt from the air. And, if the air can’t flow through the filter, then the furnace is going to have a tough time running. The result? A higher energy bill on your end. Luckily, furnace filters are easy and cheap to replace, so you really have no excuse.

Buy some extra blankets

This might sound like some pretty dumb advice, but blankets are a one time purchase! When you’re sleeping or relaxing on the couch, they’ll keep you pretty warm so that you won’t have to crank up the heat. For example, if you’re running the heat at about 70 degrees every day, a blanket might be that push that lets you lower it to a cooler 67. And, in the world of energy, three degrees is a lot.

Efficient Roofing Toronto

Keep doors and windows closed!

Sorry if we sound like your mother, but keeping the door or window open for too long will negate the hours that your heater put in to warm the home. When you open the door, close it as quickly as possible. This goes for the windows too! Keeping these things closed prevents cold air from rushing into the home and freezing it; we all know how cold Toronto is in the dead of winter.

Keep in mind that saving on energy is much more than saving money; it’s also about using less energy altogether, which is better for the environment. Top Metal Roofs only installs metal roofing for a few reasons, one of them being that they’re much more efficient than traditional asphalt. If you’re interested in letting us construct a beautiful and earth-friendly roof, give us a call today!

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