Metal Roof Types

Metal Roof Types

Types of Metal Roofs and How to Choose

To ensure that the roofing is reliable and durable, does not lose its attractive appearance, you need to know how to choose metal from many different manufacturers. To this end, attention should be paid to the key features of the material.

This roofing is made of galvanized steel with a double-sided protective and decorative polymer coating. The sheet profile imitates natural tiles, which gives the roof a particularly attractive appearance. Metal tile can be mounted on surfaces and constructions of any kind, including those used for laying roofs with a complicated shape. But there is also a limitation of use – the slope of the ramp should be greater than 14 ° .

Considering which metal is better, it should be taken into account that this material is successfully used in almost all existing climate zones. Currently, metal coatings are used as roofing :

  • private houses;
  • public multi-storey buildings;
  • commercial buildings;
  • industrial buildings.

The metal plate can be used for repairing old roofs and laying on top of existing flat iron cover, roller materials, bituminous shingles.

The starting material is galvanized steel sheet, equipped with a double-sided multilayer coating. The strength of the material depends on the thickness of the steel sheet, galvanizing protects against corrosion, and zinc provides cathodic protection of the surface of damage and cuts. The polymer coating allows metal roofs to withstand climatic loads ranging from -50 ° C to +120 ° C.

One square meter of metal has a mass of about 5 kg. Due to the low weight of material, the cost of building a roof system, the cost of delivery and installation is cheaper. Lifetime roofing material from this material can reach 50 years, provided it is of high quality and proper assembly. Architectural expression, variety of color solutions, ecological security and attractive cost make metal roofing a popular solution in construction.

How to choose high quality metal?

Today, the market for metal roofing is available from a significant number of foreign and domestic producers. Of course, we can expect higher quality and compliance with existing international standards from large known companies . At the same time, small local producers offer more favorable prices for their products.

Deciding which tile to choose to save money, and at the same time to buy material of decent quality, attention should be paid to such parameters as :

  • the thickness of the steel sheet;
  • the thickness of the zinc layer;
  • parameters and type of protective and decorative coating;
  • profiling equipment.



But above all, it is worth assessing the manufacturer’s warranty. The maximum warranty period is 15 years and applies to metal plates with a polyurethane polymer coating (Pural). If the coating is made of polyester, the maximum warranty period for metal roofs shall not exceed 10 years.

The standard thickness of the sheet metal is 0.5 mm, but on the steep slopes, where nobody will walk, of course, it is possible to use a 0.45 mm thick metal coating. The thinner the steel, the cheaper the material. If a metal roof with a sheet thickness of 0.45 mm has been chosen for a typical roof, then the slat step should be minimized.

When deciding which tile to choose, the following should be taken into account: unscrupulous manufacturers can specify a standard value (0.5 mm), while in reality it is 0.45 mm or less. It is recommended to equip it with a micrometer and carry out a selective check before buying.

The exact sheet size and integrity of the protective polymer coating during the rolling process depends on the quality of the equipment used. If significant import and domestic producers strictly follow standards and update the fleet of equipment in a timely manner, small companies producing semi-craft often buy equipment abroad cheaply, which has exhausted its resource – hence the probability that molding rolls are disturbed by geometry is high. It should be noted that the metal plates of different manufacturers do not mix with each other, even if they are made of the same steel .

The quality of punching metal from large domestic producers is not worse than the parameters of import companies’ products.

Instructions for selecting a metal plate recommend mandatory assessment of the quality of galvanized steel sheet. Proven manufacturers use high quality steel with reliable corrosion protection. In most cases, zinc consumption when processing a steel sheet is 100-250 grams per square meter.

Such a parameter as the thickness of the zinc layer directly affects the durability and reliability of the roofing made of metal . When choosing a material, it is recommended to compare the parameters of products from different manufacturers.

How to choose the right metal with high quality, which look will not worsen over time? The qualitative material is characterized by a uniform layer of polymer coating throughout the entire sheet area . Over time, the roof fades under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, and if the polymer layer is applied in violation of technology, the fading will go unevenly, and the stains will be visible on the roof.

A decorative protective layer made of metal plates is made using a series of polymer coatings, which differ significantly in durability, strength and resistance to UV radiation. The most popular are :

Polyester . It is characterized by high plasticity and low costs. It has a sufficiently low resistance to mechanical damage, which requires careful installation and cleaning of the roof.

Plastisol . It is characterized by high resistance to damage. The coating thickness of 200 microns is provided with a textural pattern (shagreen, birch bark), which makes the roof particularly attractive.

High-quality pigment provides brightness and richness of color, gives a beautiful shine. Polyurethane base material is responsible for high strength, resistance to wear, resistance to aggressive media, UV radiation, weather conditions, mechanical damage.

The polymer coating is applied to steel with a thickness of 0.4-0.6 mm and increases the total thickness of the product. The most budget option is 0.45 mm thick steel sheet with a polyester coating. The combination of 0.5 mm steel and Pural coating can be attributed to an optimal price / quality ratio.

The color of the roof covering (as well as the shape of the profile) is selected in accordance with the personal preferences and architectural features of the building. However, it should be remembered that the metal roof of dark tones pales clearer than light .

Sales statistics indicate that the most popular is a dark red, chocolate-brown and green metal plate. To some extent, the answer to the question what color metal tile is chosen by the famous eastern doctrine of feng shui.

The manufacturer may not meet the color standards. There may be a mismatch problem if the metal tile for the house and garage (or other construction) has been purchased from different manufacturers.

How to choose a metal roof for the roof?

Due to its advantages, metolonechics has become the most popular cover material. The market is presented in a wide range, which often complicates the choice.

What you should know and what criteria to consider when choosing a roof shingle should know every person who plans to use this material for roofing.

Which metal is best to choose?

When choosing metal, as with every purchase of goods, attention should be paid to quality, reliability and durability. In the case of high quality materials, manufacturers provide a guarantee for up to 15 years.

As practice shows, it can last from 15 to 30 years.

To determine how many metal tiles are qualitative, pay attention to the following points:

  1. thickness;
  2. protective coating;
  3. the presence of defects;
  4. resistance to moisture and other atmospheric phenomena.

Always ask the seller about product quality certificates in the store. Many can tell the manufacturer’s reputation and user reviews about this.

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When choosing a metal plate, you take into account not only the characteristics of its operation, but also the appearance. Now this material can have different profiles.

The profile can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Also may vary:

  1. step width;
  2. step depth;
  3. line.

When choosing a profile, ask the seller to add two sheets. This will allow you to easily check the reliability of connections.

Today, the market of metal tiles is presented in a wide range of colors. When choosing a color, first of all, you should be guided by the general style of the house and the landscape of the area.

In addition, note such user observations:

  1. Dark colors of roofs get hot faster, so the attic needs good ventilation. The dark metal plate will finally burn out in the sun. Low quality materials may lose color unevenly, making them unattractive.
  2. Lightweight roofing material is considered to be more versatile because it fits easily in different styles. It looks more attractive, but the appearance of any contamination becomes clear.

What thickness do you choose metal?

Manufacturers produce metal plates of various thicknesses, and some buyers do not know how thick the material should be. Today, you can buy metal on the market, based on a sheet thickness of 0.35 to 1.0 mm.

Choosing the material on the roof of the roof, it is desirable to stop the choice of metal thickness 0.5-0.7 mm. The thinner material quickly breaks off with corrosion and therefore has a short life span.

When buying the thickest coating is often not necessary. The thickness of the sheet 0.8-1.0 mm will have a greater weight, which is why you need to build a stronger rafter strip.

In addition, the cost of such material will be higher. All this will cause unjustified financial expenses.

Dark Grey Steel Roof on red brick house

What kind of metal coating to choose from?

The metal sheets are galvanized and have a protective coating that prevents the development of corrosion under the influence of atmospheric phenomena or mechanical damage.

The standard zinc coating should be 275 g / m2. However, many manufacturers save on the use of galvanizing, and therefore its thickness can range from 180 to 225 g / m2.

Choose a material with a maximum of galvanized layer, because the degree of galvanizing affects the reliability and stability of the material for corrosion.

In addition, when buying a metal plate, pay attention to the choice of protective coating. The quality of a metal plate depends on the material used for the protective layer:

  1. Polyester. The most commonly used, but it differs in a thin layer. Because of this, it has insufficient resistance to mechanical damage and sunlight. Metal plates with such a coating are cheap.
  2. Matt polyester. It differs in a thicker layer (35 sq m), which ensures the best protection of metal tiles against mechanical damage and other influences. There is no shiny gloss.
  3. Plastisol. The material is applied in a thick layer, therefore it protects well against ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage. Resistant to low temperatures. But high temperatures have a detrimental effect on the protective material.
  4. Pural. It provides reliable metal protection against all kinds of damage and ultraviolet radiation. But the cost of roofing such a coating will be high compared to polyester.
  5. Polyvinyl chloride. Despite the thin layer (27 mk), the material provides reliable protection of the metal plate. This is due to the fact that it contains acrylic.

When buying roofing from metal to roof, you should pay attention to quality. Choose high-quality material that will help criteria such as material thickness, zinc coating grade and protective coating.

How to choose metal. Which metal is best to choose. Reviews

The house itself has always served man as a place that is ready to embrace it at any time. But not only the person needs warmth, but from time to time the house needs attention and repair.

Today, we want to tell a bit about the most important place of the house – it’s a roof. In the end it is the same as in the case of a man’s hair. After all, each of us visits the hairdresser from time to time, and the roof also requires care, and why should not she visit her architectural and construction showroom?

Previously, the houses were covered with straw or ceramic tiles, and later a slate appeared. So far, manufacturers of building materials almost every year use new modern materials that can also be used for a very long time. And one of these materials is metal. And then many people ask themselves how to choose metal roofing material to be strong and protect the house from rain and other rainfall and have a long life.

What is a metal plate?

Metal tiling is a building material used for roof construction, it is made of galvanized steel. On both sides of the sheet covered with a special solution that includes polymers that protect the metal from corrosion. When it comes to the range of colors, there are many different shades on the market, thanks to this diversity you can perfectly match it to any interior.

The history of the creation of metal

For a long time people have known about such material as ceramic tiles. With his help, the roofing of houses was created. But the new metal plate started to be produced much later, its history is only a few dozen years old. It is considered the youngest and the newest roof coating.

It first appeared in Finland about 40 years ago, was created by Paavo Ranila. A little later, he started his own business. He launched his own private company, which was involved in the production of metal Monterrey, today it is known and popular around the world. In its form, it resembled ceramic tiles known to everyone, but it is several times stronger than its strength.

In Russia, metal tiles appeared only about 20 years ago, in the early 90s of the last century. But even after such a short time on the Russian market, he managed to occupy almost the first place among the most popular materials for roofs. But how to choose metal and in general what types are present on the market?

Until now, the Russian market provides types of tiles with the following polymer coatings: polyester, polyester, plastisol, lural and many others.

Polyester is considered the most inexpensive material, its thickness is about 25 microns, the surface is shiny, ideal for any climate, it has high flexibility and deformability.

Matte polyester is a polyester coating with a thickness of about 35 microns and a matte surface, with good color and mechanical resistance, perfectly tolerates all temperature changes and atmospheric precipitation.

The thickest coating is plastisol, it has an embossed surface and is considered the most resistant to mechanical damage.

Pural is a Finnish coating based on polyurethane, it is not afraid of temperature changes and is resistant to corrosive damage.

But in the midst of such a huge variety, how to choose a metal that will not only look aesthetically, but will also last long?

With the types of coverage we have already identified, we now need to understand the color scheme. Here, producers give their customers a great choice, today the market presents about one hundred different colors and shades. You can choose the color of the metal depending on the design, but it is better not to stop in very dark shades, because they burn in the sun and lose their original color very quickly.

Features and advantages of metal coverings

So far, a huge number of buyers prefer metal tiles, all due to low cost, beauty and reliability. When it is manufactured, manufacturers use galvanized sheet, which goes through the hot galvanizing method, and then is covered with a polymer composition and covered with a colorful decorative composition.

It protects the tile against UV rays and sudden temperature changes. It is thanks to such a complex and high-quality production process that its lifespan reaches 50 years. That’s why this material attracts a huge number of buyers.

Many people, before choosing a specific material, will know its advantages and disadvantages. This applies to this coating because you have to choose the metal plate correctly so that you do not fail on your roof later. Above all, let’s look at its advantages.

  • It can last a long time and is reliable in operation. Manufacturers provide a guarantee for up to 15 years.
  • The weight of the material is small, thanks to which it is possible to use the rafter system during installation, it is not as massive and is ideal for laying this roofing. Its weight is 10 times lower than in the case of ceramic tiles.
  • Aesthetic appearance, a wide range of colors and profiles.

Among such a huge variety of what to look for, and what metal tiles are better to choose from?

To get 100% certainty about the high quality of the material, acquiring this or this type, you should pay attention to such features:

  1. Thickness of the base. The selected thickness depends on long life and durability. According to European standards, the thickness of the sheet should be 0.5 mm. Only such a sheet can withstand the weight of a person who, if necessary, can climb the roof and go through it. If you buy a material with a smaller thickness, the stiffness will decrease significantly. Which metal is best to choose? In the case of roofing work, the thickness should be about 0.5 mm, but if you need a visor, you can choose a smaller size.
  2. The quality of the protective coating. The steel roofing shingle cover consists of three layers: passivation, priming and polymer. Only when manufacturers apply all three layers, you can be sure of reliable protection of the sheet against corrosion, weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation. Most producers try to save money and do not make one layer more often – it is ground water. Therefore, the color disappears and loses its original appearance.
  3. Design. The metal plate is distinguished by a huge range of colors and a variety of profiles. That’s why you can give the roof a beautiful and stylish look. You do not know what color to choose metal? Here the choice depends on your desires. But if you doubt the manufacturer, it’s better not to choose dark colors, so as not to fail when the roof loses the saturation of the shadow while working.

You have already decided which color to choose, and now you have to carefully approach this problem, how to choose the right metal? Before you stop looking at a particular manufacturer, be sure to read the details about the material itself.

First of all, pay attention to the thickness, as we have already said, choose a thickness of 0.5 mm, only in this case you can be sure of your strength. Another important indicator is the thickness of the zinc coating layer. Visually, you will not be able to see it, so ask the seller about the certificate for the products being sold and check all the indicators specified in it.

The best tile is the one with galvanizing degree of 275 grams per 1 m 2, its lifespan will be greater than 4 decades. But if you want to save a little, you can choose a metal plate with a 200 g / m 2 indicator, it is also not bad, but it costs a little less. Answering the question of which tile to choose, reviews of people who have already used it on the roof, showed that the best material is aluminum, to which zinc was added, so buy sheets with aluminum-zinc coating.

After choosing the color and thickness, now you have to decide how to choose a metal roof for the roof. The quality of the installation depends on your correct choice. Today, in construction stores, so-called “storage sheets” are offered for purchase, this type of tile has a size of 2,200 by 1180 mm and is completely ready for installation.

If you have a simple roof without any bends or bulges, then this size is perfect for you. However, if the length of the roof is less than 5 meters, it will be difficult to make a choice because it will not be easy to install sheets with the entire incline length. In this case, it is better to ask for advice from a specialist who will help you correctly calculate the number of sheets, reduce expenses to a minimum and give good advice on how to properly install.

Which is better – from corrugated metal or metal?

Today, manufacturers are asking us for their innovative projects and offer us a huge selection of roofing materials. As we have already written in our article, a metal tile is a great material that meets all the indicators presented to it, but there is also a profiled sheet. What to choose – corrugated board or metal?

Metal is the most common choice for the roof of residential houses, but corrugated board is ideal in industrial premises. The properties of these two materials are very similar, they have almost the same weight, size and production technology, even their lifespan is the same, so it depends on you, on what material you choose your choice better. The price of the music is different: corrugated cardboard is much cheaper. So if you want to make a roof in a barn, then it will fit much better. But for the house, choose a metal plate.

Today you can find references from people who have already bought metal roofing or profiled sheet metal and tried it during installation and operation, so if you still do not know what to give, read the reviews carefully and make the right choice. In general, it can be said that the number of positive opinions regarding both materials is approximately the same. Of course there are also negative statements. But to decide in each case.

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