Can You Install a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

Can You Install a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

Can a Metal Roof be Installed Over Existing Shingles?

This is the one question that a lot of homeowners keep asking. If you are one of them, we are here to answer your questions and assure you that yes, you can indeed install a metal roof over shingles.

Now that we have answered the big question, let’s also look at how this can be done as well as what can potentially affect the installation process and avoiding any mishaps.

metal roof over shingles

What Should You Check Before Installing a Metal Roof Over Shingles

There is usually an inspection that needs to be done to ensure that the plywood that your shingles are attached to is capable of holding an added layer of a metal roof. This inspection should be performed by a professional roofing company to asses areas like:

  1. Whether screws can be used when installing the metal roof. In cases where the wood is rotten, this would be disastrous and they would not hold their place.
  2. Some areas also do not allow two layers of roofing materials in residential places. It is therefore important to check if this is approved in your area.
  3. What is the current condition of the existing shingles?
  4. Are there leaks or any other issues that need resolving? We can help assess the situation and resolve any issues before any installation happens.

How to Install a Metal Roof Over Existing Shingles

  1. Start with an underlayment over the existing shingles:
    You must put in a completely new underlayment over the existing shingles before you carry out any installation. This will help prevent water leakage and provide a buffer between the metal roof and the existing shingles. Shingle roofs are granulated, metals on the other hand contract and expand, with time, without an underlayment, the shingle granules would wear out.
  2. Using purlins or battens:
    The purlins have to be screwed to the roof deck, the metal is then installed onto the purlins. The advantage of using purlins is that they provide the installer with a flat surface to install the metal roof panels without the issues that come with shingles. The metal has to be attached to three-quarters of the purlins and at least half of the plywood which helps in making the roof stronger. Purlins also create an air gap between the metal roof and the shingles. This gap acts as a buffer for these shingles below when the metal roof heats up during summer.

Benefits of Metal Roofs:

Metal roofing has proven over the years to be a great selection for you as a homeowner. They are durable in comparison to shingles which means they can even last a lifetime.

Due to their durability in nature, they tend to save you on money unlike with shingles as you have to keep replacing them. Metal roofs, on the other hand, need minimal to no repair.Metal roofs have over the years have become a household must-have. They have helped homeowners upgrade the look of their homes while giving their homes a lasting value. Some of the benefits of metal roofs include:• They are extremely versatile and can match different styles.
• Metal roofs are fire-resistant. This means that you do not have to worry in case of any fire accidents.
• They are energy efficient and are great at keeping homes cooler.
• Metal roofs are lightweight in comparison to other types of roofing such as shingles.
• Metal roofs are durable. They can last a lifetime without the need for replacement. Their ability to withstand adverse conditions acts as an added advantage.
• They allow for maximum shedding of rain and snow as metal panels interlock with each other and their surface is slippery.
• They are wind resistant due to the nature of the panels interlocking with each other.
• They are made of recycled material and can also be recycled at the end of their lifespan which is technically a lifetime. This makes them very environmentally friendly.
• They are very adaptable and can fit into various designs.

Contact a Top Metal Roofs Contractor

Do you want to change the look of your roof? Are you done with the shingles on your roof and want a new look for your roof? A metal roof is a great solution, and as we highlighted above, you can install a metal roof over your existing shingles. The benefits of a metal roof are worth giving metal roofing a chance. If you are ready to give this a go, talk to us and let us help you out with your metal roofing needs. Whether you need a new roof installed or an old one replaced, we top the list of Toronto and GTA roofing companies. We have numerous satisfied clients whose success stories testify to our expertise. Our services are unmatched, and we guarantee a roof that will last you a lifetime. Talk to us at 647-470-7161, and we will professionally handle all your metal roofing matters.

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