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Oshawa Metal Roofing

The type of roof you choose for your home has the ability to transform it from a regular home to an elegant structure. The roof of your home determines its durability and the safety of your property and those residing in it. At Top Metal Roofs, we provide you with everything you require to know about metal roofs. oshawa roofing companies

Top Metal Roofs is a leading metal roofing company in Ontario. We service Toronto and the GTA and all cities within a 50km radius of Toronto, including Oshawa. We provide metal roofing services to businesses for commercial buildings and homeowners across Oshawa all surrounding cities within a 50km radius of Toronto including Newmarket, Collingwood, Orangeville, Richmond, Hill, 0rillia, Aurora, Pickering, Ajax, Barrie, Brampton, Scarborough, Toronto, Whitby and Oshawa. At top Metal Roofs, no metal roofing undertaking is too big or too small for our professional team to handle. Our Oshawa metal roofing team is always ready to professionally install your dream roof. We offer lifetime warranties to guarantee you peace of mind when it comes to our roofing solutions.  

We are familiar with the weather conditions in Toronto and surrounding cities and our roofs are built to withstand the harsh Ontario weather!  We have strong relationships with our clients in Oshawa that is built on trust and the reliability of our team in delivering high-quality metal roofing repairs and installations with a lifetime warranty.

With cutting edge technology, our roofing products and services are more superior to the conventional roofing solutions that constantly require repairs and depreciate quickly. 

For years, metal roofing in Canada has been associated with the construction of industrial buildings. However, in recent times we’ve seen an increased preference for metal roofs among homeowners. This is not surprising as metal roofs have little maintenance costs as well as more long-term performance benefits and features compared to other roofing solutions. For instance, metal roofs are energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions for residential homeowners. Despite these benefits, there are certain misconceptions and beliefs associated with metal roofs that house owners must overcome. If you’re considering having a metal roof installed, but are worried about myths related to metal roofs, worry no more. Top Metal Roofs is here to breakdown these myths for you. In this article, we discuss these common myths and the facts about metal roofing to assist you in making the best decisions when it comes to the choice of roofing for your house.

Myths and Facts about Metal Roofs

Myth 1. Metal roofs are prone to denting from hail

Metal roofs are actually more durable than other roofing systems, such as asphalt roofs. While hail can damage almost all other types of roofs, it cannot damage or dent metal roofs. Metal roofs are actually the preferred roofing systems in regions that experience extreme hail due to their durability, making them perfect for the extreme Ontario weather conditions.

Myth 2. Metal roofs are too costly 

Though the initial upfront cost of metal roofs is higher than other roofing materials, they’re significantly less expensive in the long run due to their lifetime warranty! Other roofing materials such as asphalt require repairs every 10-12 years. Once professionally installed, metal roofs last for 40 to 60 years on average and require little to no maintenance at all. Therefore, the initial cost is compensated for by their long-term durability, making asphalt roofs actually a lot more expensive due to the need to re-roof 3-4 times or more during your home’s life. Therefore, metal roofs are more economical if you are considering a lifetime home compared to other roofing systems such as asphalt. If you’re currently not in your final home, metal roofs are still very valuable as they increase your homes cost, allowing you to sell for a higher amount and recover your investment.

Myth 3. Walking on your metal roofs is unsafe

Walking on any roof can be unsafe if you’re inexperienced and fall but It is possible to walk on your metal roof and they are not unstable or uncomfortable to do so. During times when you require to undertake any home improvement activities such as pruning overhanging branches or when you wish to clean gutters, walking on a metal roof is no different than other roofs. However, it’s advisable to consult your roofing contractor concerning the precautions to take when you want to undertake any project that will involve walking on your metal roof. 

Myth 4. Metal roofs are weighty for your house

The truth is that metal roofs are almost 50% lighter than other roofing systems like asphalt roofs. In most cases, metal roofs can be installed on top of existing roofs, especially if you don’t want to damage the old asphalt roof.

Myth 5. Metal roofs are prone to lightning

Some people assume that metal can attract lightning, but this is incorrect as lightning strikes trees and other tall objects adjacent to metal roofs as opposed to striking the roofs themselves.

Lightning strikes the objects nearest to it which is why trees and telephone poles are struck most of the time as they are the tallest, making them the first or quickest objects for lightning to reach. Though metals are good conductors of electricity, they do not necessarily attract lighting. Metal roofs are the safest roofing materials if your house gets struck by lightning since they are made of non-combustible materials. Metal roofs are good at dispersing energy through your house in a safe manner. Therefore, metal roofs are less likely to catch fire when struck by lightning, which is not the case with other roofing materials such as asphalt or wood shingles.

Myth 6. Metal roofs are prone to rust

This is not true as improved technology allows metal roofs to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rusting. Improved technology has enabled metal roofs to be bonded with galvanized coats to resist rusting.

Myth 7. Metal roofs are extremely loud during rainy seasons  

Metal-roofed homes during rainy weather are not as loud as some people think. A homes roof is usually paired with a roof deck that insulates sound which makes the sound of rain almost non-existent.

Myth 8. Metal roofs’ color and style options are limited 

Metal roofs offer limitless number of style and color options to meet the architectural preference of any home. Metal roofs have designs that imitate the look of clay, slate, or shakes tiles while at the same time offer excellent performance and durability. Metal roofs actually give you more choices than all other roofing materials combined. They come in a wide range of color options alongside raw materials such as titanium, copper as well as bright stainless steel, all of which are attractive to homeowners for their unique appeal.

Myth 9. Metal roofs do not perform well in extreme conditions

The fact is metal roofs are by far the most durable and preferred roofing choices to withstand extreme weather conditions like hurricanes for example. Metal roofs can withstand wind speeds of up to 140 km per hour as well as extreme storms, hail and heavy loads of ice and snow. This makes them perfect for harsh Ontario winter weather.

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