Metal Roofing in Cambridge, Ontario

Metal Roofing in Cambridge, Ontario

Toronto weather is some of the most unpredictable in the world, as icy winters and hot summers characterize its range and impact. Therefore, houses need to be protected from these weather dynamics. A home’s roofing provides it with the capacity to withstand these harsh weather conditions. When the roof is damaged or old, the entire building structure becomes compromised.

Metal Roofing in Cambridge OntarioMost of the roofs that homeowners relied on in the past were made from asphalt shingles. Though asphalt shingles are readily available and cheap, they do not offer a high protection level, as they can easily break down due to overall wear and tear and the inclement weather common in Ontario. Roofing not only protects dwellers from ultra-violet rays, but also from cold weather, allergens, and rain. Therefore, special care should be given to the roofing material used, as it ensures the comfort and safety of your household.

Top Metal Roofs ensures that your home is comfortable and safe, as we are the best metal roofing service providers around. Our company specializes in metal roofing installations, particularly shake roofing and metal tile roofing services. More importantly, we aim to address the drawbacks of asphalt roofing by providing a superior alternative of metal roofs due to their durability and improved aesthetic compared to asphalt shingles.

This article looks at the various aspects of Ontario Metal roofing Services, including the benefits of using metal roofs and the various colors and styles from which clients can choose, as well as the various myths and facts associated with metal roofing.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs usually constitute the aluminum and steel roofing shingles and are best known in the industry due to various benefits. The first one is its durability. Metal roofs can last up to one century or more, while traditional asphalt shingles require replacement after every 6-12 years. The metallic composition of the roofing structure determines its durability. Therefore, high-quality metal roofs are built tough to withstand wear and tear and other harsh weather conditions in Ontario. Most specifically, the aluminum component protects metal roofs from rusting while a high-quality steel component ensures that roofs last for decades before other forms of wear and tear set in.

It is worth noting that the steel content used in the manufacture of roofing structures involves some level of zinc and galvanization technology, which improves durability. However, low-cost producers of metal roofing structures may not incorporate the required levels of zinc and galvanization, which may result in premature rusting and low durability.

The second benefit of metal roofs is their energy efficiency. The energy efficiency of metal roofs is determined by their heat retention capacity. Aluminum or steel roofing shingles have the capacity to reflect heat away quickly. Metals are natural reflectors of heat, and they do not loosen or break off easily when roofs contract or expand under different weather extremes. Due to their improved capacity to reflect sunlight, metal roofs save homeowners the money they would have spent on cooling bills. Moreover, metal roofing materials have fire-resistant qualities, and this makes them most preferred for residential homes.

Third, metal roofing shingles are of superior strength compared to traditional asphalt shingles. Unlike with traditional roofing structures, it is possible to walk comfortably over metal roofs when installing them without causing any damage.

Fourth, metal roofs are environmentally friendly products since they are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. The traditional asphalt roofing shingles are not recyclable. Therefore, traditional roofing materials can significantly increase land pollution as they have to be replaced every 6-12 years and disposed of in landfills. On the other hand, it is possible to recycle metal roofing shingles at the end of their useful life, hence conserving the environment.

Finally, steel or aluminum roofing products are relatively lightweight compared to traditional asphalt shingles. Consequently, it is possible to place metal roofs over existing asphalt shingles without causing any significant load increase on the structure. It is also noteworthy that metal roofing is approximately three times lighter than asphalt shingles, especially when the asphalt is wet.

Colors and Design Options Available for Metal Roofs  

Most roofing materials are manufactured from steel and aluminum, though other materials such as alloys and copper can be incorporated. However, metal roofing material made of copper and alloys can be expensive. Steel and aluminum are the most common roofing materials due to their ability to retain paint coating and finishes compared to traditional asphalt. However, the quality of paint used may affect its longevity. For instance, cheap coatings start to delaminate and flake within 8-10 years. Ontario Roofing materials are manufactured using the most modern coating technology, which prevents products from chalking, streaking, or changing their color with time.

Moreover, metal roofs have a wide range of designs and color options. It is possible for homeowners to customize their metal roofs to look like shakes, slates, or clay tiles, thus producing the beauty they desire. Also, it is possible to customize the roof structure to your desired architectural design with any color and style, all of which improve durability and performance.

Metal Roofing Styles 

Ontario Metal Roofing Services presents a variety of metal roofing styles from which customers can choose. Moreover, these styles resemble traditional styles which give your home a classic appearance. Examples of metal roofing styles available include Slate, Bond Tile, Shake, and Grande styles.

The Slate roofing style entails lining together clean and symmetrical slate tiles to form a flat surface that appears more refined. Slate tiles are most preferred for traditional-style homes due to their classical aesthetic.

The Bond tile roofing style, on the other hand, is more rigid than Slate-style, as it involves molding to produce a wave of life structure. The bond tile roofing style is easy to create and maintain compared to traditional asphalt tiles.

The Shake roofing style is an improvement on traditional wooden shake shingles. Since metal is malleable, it is possible to mold it into a natural-looking appearance produced by wooden shake shingles. However, metal shakes are better than wooden shingles as they are not affected by snow and rain and are thus able to last longer.

Finally, the Grande style is similar to Bond style, but it incorporates more waves into it, thus giving a grand appearance common in Southern-style homes.

Myths and Facts about Metal Roofs 

Several myths exist about the functionality of metal roofs. Here are a few of them, plus the facts concerning metal roofing materials.

Myth 1: Metal roofs easily heat up during hot summers.

Since metals are good heat conductors, some people think they can easily get heated. However, the fact is that metal roofs have coatings that reflect the UV rays from the sun. Such a reflection capacity ensures that homes covered by metal roofs are comfortable and maintain the required room temperature.

Myth 2: Metal roofs are noisy.

During the installation of metal roofs, an underlayment of the solid outer layer is incorporated to minimize noise. Therefore, metal roofs are as noiseless as other conventional roofs, even during rainy seasons.

Myth 3: Metal roofs are heavy.

The fact is that metal roofs are 75% lighter than traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles.

Myth 4: Metals are susceptible to rusting.

The fact of the matter is that roofs can maintain their original appearance throughout their useful lives. At the time of manufacturing, high-quality metallic paint and aluminum are used to coat the metal roofing materials, which protect them from rain. Therefore, metal roofs will only rust if they are exposed to rusting agents.

Myth 5: Metal roofs are prone to lightning attacks.

The fact is that metal roofs are not prone to lightning attacks, as lighting can strike any object that it first comes into contact with, especially tall objects. In the case of a lightning attack, the extent of damage in metal-roofed houses is likely to be less, since metals are noncombustible. Therefore, a metal-roofed house is likely to diffuse the lightning energy harmlessly across the structure, thus reducing the chances of it bursting into flames.

Myth 6: Hail and wind can damage the metal roof.

Normal-sized hailstones cannot damage metal roofs. However, large hailstones can make minor dents, though such dents may not be noticeable especially on textured roofs. Moreover, metal roofs are highly resistant to strong winds.

Myth 7: Metal roofs do not provide resale value.

The fact is metal roofing can increase your house’s resale value, since many home purchasers prefer cost-effectiveness and durability of roofs when making buying decisions.

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