Roofing Richmond Hill

Roofing Richmond Hill

Are you located in Richmond Hill? Do you need your roof repaired, or fully replaced? In either case, you need to hire a professional roofing contractor, and if there’s a problem with your roof, you likely need one fast. The beauty and protection of your home is determined by the design and quality of your roof, be it a repair or a new replacement. We have many contractors situated in Richmond Hill who are ready to assist you with roof installation in your commercial or residential buildings quickly and efficiently. We understand the urgency associated with any call we get from our clients, and we embrace that same spirit of urgency on all our teams in Richmond Hill, throughout the GTA, and in every other city we operate in.

roofing Richmond HillTell us the urgency of your situation and your roofing needs and we will get our team of experts to handle it for you. We will quickly assess your needs, including any damage to your roof, and provide you with a free estimate.

The quality of service we offer is our top priority. We have spent years perfecting our roof repair/ replacement skills, so we know what works and what does not work when it comes to repairing or replacing roofs in your commercial or residential buildings.

We understand our customers, and their satisfaction means a lot to us. To achieve it, we deliver quality workmanship and insist on integrity in our services.

Your happiness is our happiness, and we just need your call to get the roof fixed up on your dream home.

Need Emergency Roof Repair?

Hello, City of Richmond Hill! We have come to your area to attend to your roofing needs. The aftermath of a natural disaster can be overwhelming, but with roofers nearby, you can always tackle your immediate roofing needs without worries. Emergency roof issues can be a severe problem when you are faced with not knowing who to call to attend to your situation, or how far they are located. Our teams of experts is dedicated to serving the local community of Richmond Hills in resolving such issues.

Best Roof Types for Your Commercial and Residential Properties

We offer our clients living in Toronto and surrounding areas the option of metal roofing to best align with the weather conditions in the area. On top of storm concerns, the essential thing when building or renovating your home is to consider your protection from elements such as UV rays, cold weather, and allergens. To go about this, you need to make plans in providing a structure that can withstand those external elements and create the comfort you deserve in a home.

Traditionally, most roofs are constructed with asphalt shingles, and this is not great in residential or commercial buildings, especially those situated in Toronto. This is because asphalt shingles are prone to weather damage and thus do not offer a high level of protection for your home.

Top quality metal roofs can overcome the limitations offered by asphalt shingles; that’s why they are suitable for homes located in Toronto. Metal roofs guarantee long-lasting protection, as most can last up to 50 years without you having to repair or replace them. So, there is nothing to worry about for a long time after your first installation.

Metal Roofing Myths and Facts

The use of metal roofing in homes has increased tremendously, and for good reason. It is durable, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, and reliable. However, despite its popularity and its fast move into the market, there are still some misconceptions about metal roofing, and these could hinder you from buying it if you are not properly informed. The following are just myths, and we are here to tell you the facts:

Myth One: Metal roofs attract lightning

The truth is that metal roofs do not increase the chances of your roof getting struck by lightning. Lightning is excess electricity looking for the nearest object to discharge on. That’s why when there is a lightning strike heading to the earth’s surface, it discharges itself on the closest thing it finds while descending. That’s why poles and towers are always affected, because they are the tallest. If it does strike the roofing, know that metal roofs help significantly in dispersing the electric charge from the lightning across the surface of your building, and in a case when such a strike does result in fire, the metal roof is there to help you because it is not combustible, unlike other roof types.

Myth Two: They are loud when it rains

Simply because you have heard noisy rain pattering on barn roofs doesn’t mean that applies to metal roofs at your commercial building or residential home. Metal roofs are not just installed alone, but are paired with a roof deck that adds structure to your roof and insulates sounds, as well. The insulators and the deck help to muffle the sound on any metal roof. In fact, modern metal roofs are quiet, and may be even quieter than any other roof type.

Myth Three: Metal roofs can easily be damaged by hail and wind

Metal roofs are more durable than asphalt roofs, and can rarely be damaged by hail. On the other hand, asphalt roofs can easily be damaged by even small chunks of hail. Metal roofs survive in places where weather conditions are extremely harsh, such as Toronto, but asphalt or any other roof type often can’t survive as well in such conditions. The fact that metal roofs can be damaged by only large-sized hail chunks, which only form in rare cases, makes it more suitable compared to other roofing types.

Myth Four: Metal roofs increase heat

Metal roofs don’t raise heat in homes at all. Instead, this type of roofing helps to reflect UV rays that most asphalt roofs absorb. Also, it releases solar energy much faster than an asphalt roof. In fact, if you have a metal roof installed correctly in your home, it could save you a substantial amount of money on your electricity bill.

Myth Five: Metal roofs are not safe to work on

Most people tend to assume that metal roofs aren’t safe to walk on, but the truth is you can walk on them to clean up or maintain them. However, it is important to take safety precautions while doing so. Your best option is to consult your contractor or the manufacturer to learn your specific roof’s safety precautions and maintenance instructions.

Myth Six: Metal roofs will rust

Gone are the days when metal roofs would get rusty. Today, metal roofs are designed to withstand rusting as effectively as poor weather. Modern metal roofs are bonded with galvanized coating and painted with a special roofing paint to resist rust.

Myth Seven: Metal roofs are too expensive

Yes, metal roofing is more costly to buy when compared to other roofing materials. This case of higher cost is a result of the quality and comfort it provides to homes and businesses. If you are looking at the upfront payment, metal is costly, but also consider the longevity period and the maintenance rate, and you’ll see that it is quite a bit cheaper compared to other materials. Metal roofs can stay in place for up to 50  years, but that’s not the case with asphalt roofs.

Looking for a Roofing Contractor?

Our move to Richmond Hills will ensure we can assist homeowners in need of an urgent roof repair. We are not just arriving with the mindset to install or repair your roof. We are arriving with the mindset to deliver you a quality service using quality materials. That said, we believe choosing a metal roof for your home or business is your best bet. Come see us and experience how we can transform your living area or workspace for the better.

Whether you need a new roof installed or an old one replaced, we top the list of Kingston roofing companies. We have numerous satisfied clients whose success stories testify to our expertise. Our services are unmatched, and we guarantee a roof that will last you a lifetime. Talk to us at 647-470-7161, and we will professionally handle all your metal roofing matters.

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